The Cajun Eventer Series, Transformation Tuesday (blog 3)

So here we are in May, and I’m now avoiding Facebook because the sight of so many friends in full-swing competition season is utterly depressing. I’m so happy for their successes, but it’s killing me to be so out of the loop.

Area V has, oh, about 7 horse trials a year, maybe. Probably 5 of those are within a reasonable driving distance. We missed the two this month because Ryan’s in the field. (His new job? In laymen’s terms, he’s an observer-controller for troops training for deployment–to sum it up, he’s gone. A LOT. Like, I’m effectively a single mom for weeks at a time.) That means we have to wait until September for the next recognized horse trial. Which, tbh, is a good thing, as we’ve not schooled XC since we left Aiken.

If you’re not familiar, Chip was a sales horse that I fell in love with and decided to keep as my own. (Made possible by a very gracious Lara Anderson, who deserves a blog post of her own) We’d capped off the season with a successful run at training level at Pine Top before I finished out my pregnancy, and then started back at BN to rebuild his fitness and confidence once I’d had Reagan.

But now we’re in no man’s land, and I’m reverting back to amateur status because I’m working a *normal* full-time job.

I’m trying to figure out how to ride when Ryan’s gone. I lose so much progress when he’s in the box because I can’t exactly leave Carson to baby-sit the baby. If any working moms have any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them.

I did get to ride nearly the whole month of April due to a break in the training cycle. Here’s the difference two weeks in work makes:

I did make acquaintance with another eventer in the area through my Area III connections, oddly enough. Funny story how we met, but that’s another blog. Chip and I have a date to meet up at her place to XC school next month–it’s only a 3 hour drive, LOL. (If you missed the previous post, EVERYTHING is a 3 hour drive down here.) We’ll use that to gauge our progression & the next weekend is a schooling trial, where we’ll run at BN just to get Chip’s feet wet, literally and figuratively, as it’s been several months now since we’ve run a trial.


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