The Cajun Eventer Series, blog 1

The best and the worst thing about the Army life is change.

Every three years or so, we uproot our family, ship our household hundreds of miles, and adjust to whatever life throws at us. The good side of it is you become adept at making friends, incredibly resourceful, and amazingly resilient. The worst side of it is you’ll make awesome friends, a great life and have to leave it all behind.

We recently uprooted from Fort Stewart, Georgia to Fort Polk, Louisiana. I’d always said I never wanted to go to Ft Polk. It’s number one on the top 10 worst military installations. I fought for Ft Bragg for two reasons: Denny Emerson (the George Morris of Eventing) and Koby Robson (my favorite dressage trainer). Alas, on 14 November, the kids and I were loaded down and headed to meet our household goods shipment at our new home in Leesville, Louisiana.

The good news? We lucked into probably the best rental property we’ve ever occupied. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than this: fruit trees, a barn with a hay loft and electricity, fenced pastures, a stocked pond, expansive trails and more.

But the worst news is I went from eventing paradise to the eventing desert. I joke that I’m probably the only eventer within a 100 mile radius, but the reality is that I’m actually probably the only eventer in a three hour radius. Literally everything is a 3 hour radius. And to top it off, because there’s no possibility of opening a lesson program down here, I’m now working a 40 hour/week office job. *gasp* I know.

So, I’m looking at the bright side of things because I’m an eternal optimist. And, as time permits, I’m going to blog about this period in my life because it’s cathartic. Welcome to the Cajun Eventer series, blog 1.



  1. heartofhope10 · May 17

    I’m excited to hear about your life – the rental looks fantastic! Sorry about the desert part though 😦

    • heartofhope10 · May 17

      That came out a bit creepy-my apologies!

      • justjump3day · May 17

        Lol, not at all–I swear, some days I need my own reality show! Glad to hear from you!

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