Chip made his training level debut this weekend at Jumping Branch Farm. Our last horse trial was Pine Top back in November, so a schooling trial was in order to gauge our readiness for the upcoming recognized trials in March.

I also had two students competing in the beginner novice and novice divisions, so it was a very full day. Our first course walk was Friday night in the dark, but we were able to walk the course a second time Saturday morning after my dressage test. I made my fatal flaw here, not catching the exact off-shoot where I needed to head to fences 6 and 7. But, I found the fences & figured I’d know where I needed to branch off. Rookie mistake.

When I galloped up the road headed toward 6, I went the correct route, second-guessed myself (because I’d missed that fork twice on my course walks), and re-routed to a road just before. A good 15-20 seconds in, I realized I’d screwed up big time. I turned Chip around & got back on course.

I might’ve kicked myself for that, except, really I was kicking myself already for being a useless sack of potatoes in the saddle. Thank goodness for the wind tunnel effect, because it overshadows my heavy panting. I was absolutely no use to Chip, and yet, you’ll see, he carried us onward, ears pricked the whole ride.

This weekend was a great learning experience. I plan on sharing my Eventing while pregnant experience in a series of blog posts, but for now, suffice it to say, it’s a lot different when your body isn’t performing the way you’re used to.

In the meantime, enjoy a pair of fuzzy brown ears eagerly looking for the next fence!



One comment

  1. JumperQuest · February 29, 2016

    I loved your video! It is so cool seeing what a cross country course looks like from horseback!

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