DIY Project: Blanket hangers

In my barn, we hang stall chains on the stall fronts for blankets instead of using blanket bars. Blanket bars stick out in the aisleway waiting to catch horse’s hips (or your elbows) as they walk by. Plus, they’re expensive when you start talking quantities. Then again, the stall chains aren’t so cheap, either at an average price of $15.95 each.

On the plus side, they come in colors!

On the plus side, they come in colors!

So, when I needed a handful of blanket hangers, I decided to try something different. At Lowe’s, they sell vinyl-coated weldless steel cable by the foot at $0.36/foot (local prices may vary, obviously).
Vinyl-coated cable is cheap

Vinyl-coated cable is cheap

I purchased three 42″ sections of cable, plus a set of ferrules (check the sizes!) for each one, and two double-ended snaps for each set. I think my total cost was somewhere around $17 for everything.
Ferrule & stop (you won't need the stop)

Ferrule & stop (you won’t need the stop)

Thread each end of the cable into the ferrules so that a small loop is left at the end
Attach the double ended snap to your loop

Attach the double ended snap to your loop

Then, use a hammer to smash the ferrule so that it clamps onto the cable (this is an important step). They make a tool for this, but they’re expensive, and a hammer works just as well. Attach both ends to the stall front, and voila! A blanket holder that holds blankets close to the stall–they won’t catch a breeze and come loose, and if you fold them neatly, they give a nice, presentable appearance to the barn.
Finished product

Finished product

I wouldn’t suggest using these as stall chains, but I imagine you could use these for a lot of other things you might use stall chains for. What other uses do you have for stall chains?


One comment

  1. Sarah K (MyRedMare) · March 2, 2015

    Great idea! Putting this on my asap to-do list.

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