I need my own reality show

Beginning June 1st, I will be the proud new lessee of an equestrian facility in lovely Statesboro, GA! Short of actually buying our own farm, this is about as heavenly an adventure as it gets. Because it’s already an established boarding facility, I’ve been spending time working there so that the transition between management will be as seamless as possible. They say business agreements between friends is a bad idea, but I think when two friends have similar ideals on operations and zero tolerance for drama, it’s perfectly feasible. Hence, I will be leasing the property from a friend of mine while she pursues a dream of her own. I will live vicariously through her as she endures a working student position for a 4* rider. (Oh yes, slightly jealous here.)

View from the backdoor--I need to get a good shot of the front

View from the backdoor–I need to get a good shot of the front

Happy ponies in the new barn

Happy ponies in the new barn

You guys know me–this hasn’t come without its own set of mini-adventures. Most notably, the one involving my son and public indecency… A recent trip to Chik-Fil-A for a bit of hard-earned brunch resulted in the most hilariously embarrassing Mom moment in history (at least for me).

I sent Carson out to play on the playground since he’d been eating all morning. I figured a little play time would be good for him, and K and I would enjoy some quiet time. As I’m perusing the menu, trying to decide between breakfast and lunch at 10:30 am, I hear a bit of commotion from a couple of the employees. At first, it doesn’t register. Then I hear the words, “Is he peeing?” and I instantly KNOW. It all happened in slow motion. I turned my head and looked out the window to see my son standing on the concrete, facing the drive-thru line, pants around his ankles, hips thrust forward, and a steady stream of urine flowing. Oh. My. Gosh. I should have snapped a picture, but the embarrassed mom in me sprang into action. I bolted outside and helped him quickly yank up his pants. At this point, I couldn’t exactly get upset with him–I’m always telling him to just go pee wherever–we’re on a farm or in our fenced in backyard 95% of the time! Sheepishly, I led him back inside and apologized profusely, explaining that we spend lots of time at a farm. The guys working thought it was awesome. The women were silently judging me–I saw it on their faces. Well. Until you have a 4 year old SON, let me tell you–you have no idea…None. I offered to clean up outside, but some poor girl got stuck scrubbing the concrete with bleach and a scrub mop. I’m so sorry, random girl.

Afterwards, it’s been a funny story, but as a Mom, that moment will forever be etched into my brain, and you better believe I’ll get my payback one day when he brings a girlfriend home to meet me. A mom never forgets. 😉

It’s been a busy, busy week, weekend, and couple of days, and I’m so behind on blogs. I moved Johnny to the new digs this weekend, and he’s in love. No sand gnats, minimal flies, massive quantities of lush green grass, and a breezy stall during the heat of the day–what more could a pony ask for?

Happy pony enjoys his stall when it gets unbearably hot outside

Happy pony enjoys his stall when it gets unbearably hot outside

One last little nugget of wisdom: if you own a horse trailer (or any double-axle trailer for that matter) and don’t currently own a Trailer Aid, I highly suggest you purchase one. Today. Enroute to the new barn, we had a blowout on one of the trailer tires. My husband took one look and thought it was going to be a nightmare to change, but then I grabbed my Trailer Aid out of my trailer tack. Two seconds to drive the good tire up onto the block, and fifteen minutes later, we were back on the road. I don’t think I’ve ever even changed a car tire that fast–usually I have to unload the entire trunk contents before I can even get to the necessary equipment. At around $50, it’s a cheap investment to get you out of a jam.

Not as scary as I would've imagined--in 10+ years of hauling, this was my first blowout

Not as scary as I would’ve imagined–in 10+ years of hauling, this was my first blowout



  1. livetoride-ridetolive · May 6, 2014

    That is a gorgeous barn!!!

  2. Shelby · May 7, 2014

    I don’t have kids, but I still don’t judge you for the peeing hooligan. Little boys are crazy! I am so glad you have that on him for future girlfriend moments though; that is hilarious.
    Congrats on the farm. It is beautiful!

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