Anything to get out of work

Just kidding, really. He has a super work ethic.
It’s been a little crazy around here. We’ve had the ‘snowpocalypse that never was,’ I opened a bakery, and the hubs has been working crazy late nights. So, needless to say, my barn time has been lacking. And this post is a little out of order. Last weekend (the 26th), I volunteered at the Full Gallop horse trials & jump judged fence 1. Since the first fence is always easy-peasy, I saw nothing exciting…except a little Boyd action!! I took my camera, intending on working on my action photography (at which I royally suck). I got some really great shots of everyone except Boyd. I kept triggering the shutter too quick. My nerves got the best of me, I’m afraid. Anywho, I left my camera there with a friend so she could photograph our other friend riding in the Lucinda Green clinic the next day. So, as soon as I get my camera back, I’ll post some Eventing pics (including the one decent shot I got of Boyd). Sneak preview:

Proof of the Boyd sighting

Proof of the Boyd sighting

It's Boyd!

It’s Boyd!

But, the real reason I’m blogging this morning is that Johnny has popped up with another issue. Ever since our stadium lesson, he’s been very, very nervous about cantering. And when we did canter, it was warp into Mach 6 as opposed to a nice, quiet canter. I finally got some long and low work out of him two days ago and made a phone call to a friend and bodywork specialist. I had already palpated around and figured out he was back-sore (I mean, we did REALLY make him use it–it stands to reason it would be sore), but something about him just seemed off. I could see when lunging him that he was just a little short-strided with his left hind. Nothing major, but noticeable. Like many other equestrians, I am perpetually broke with a husband unwilling to drop our mortgage payment into vet bills (but why not, honey??). I decided to start conservatively.

So, yesterday, C (the equine massage therapist) came out and worked on Johnny for just over an hour. Watching his responses to her work was nothing short of hilarity. My horse is so expressive. I keep saying he’s 3 steps away from talking. Work on the face and neck: slack-jaw, droopy eyes, and big sighs. As she moved down to his shoulders, you could instantly see him, “Uhm, hey, yeah, no, those are kinda tight, and I’m not cool with y–Oh, Hey! You did it anyway! Well, I’m not giving you anything. I’m not playing your game. Ohhhh, okaaayyy.” Unfortunately, as she moved back to the area I already knew was sore, he instantly told us just how he felt. Johnny is such a good boy. He wanted to bite something so badly. He air-bit in my general direction, “MOM!! MOM!! Why are you letting her do this??!!!” But, he never once kicked at C or actually bit me. And as she kept working, his physical tension started to dissipate. He understood what she was trying to accomplish at that point, but mentally it was almost more than he could bear. He’s not the most trusting fellow, and he kept waiting for her to hurt him.

By the end of the session, he was visibly more relaxed, but all signs point to an issue with the SI joint. She reported no soreness in his hindquarters or gaskin–which can often indicate underlying issues like hocks & stifles. All of his pain was centrally located around his lower back and SI joint. So, this morning (once the rest of the world wakes up and goes to work), I’m calling the local sporthorse vet/chiro/acupuncturist. He’s well-reputed and is actually licensed in all three areas. I’m really hoping a series of chiropractic adjustments will get us back on track, so I’m going for the more conservative approach first, especially since he’s still tracking up over 6″ at the walk. Our next step is to have the saddle fitter out to make sure the saddle still fits. I haven’t made any recent saddle changes, so it’s not likely, but I’m not ruling it out yet. Where I’m coming up with funds to do all this is another question. I need to syndicate my sporthorse! Really hoping the bakery takes off soon…

Anyway, since this was just a debbie-downer post, I’m adding in some happy pics. Like Johnny giving love after I cleaned up his boo-boo.

Getting some pony love

Getting some pony love

And, him taking a look at the ‘water drop.’

Is this considered a drop into water?

Is this considered a drop into water?



  1. Off the Installation · February 6, 2014

    I am always one to try things out on myself before I try it out on my horses. So I have to ask, have you tried any essential oils on Johnny to help with his lower back and SI issues? I’ve had great success using them on myself for my back issues and have been using some on my dog for her MS. Would recommend using a blend so you’re not having to buy a bunch of different ones.

    • justjump3day · February 7, 2014

      I haven’t tried any therapy yet–other than utilizing the bodywork specialist to help me pinpoint where the vet should start to look, I haven’t done any diagnostics. The vet is coming out next Wednesday (12th)–based on what he suggests is the root cause, I will begin treatment. I have SI issues myself–I’d be interested to hear your story on how the oils have helped you.

      • Off the Installation · February 9, 2014

        Check out Young Livings Valor. It’s a blend of essential oils that address SI issues. And my dog doesn’t have MS (someone else I know just got diagnosed with it). She has lupus – which I have kept under control with a different set of essential oils.

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