Saintly thoroughbreds and motivating incentives

It’s definitely dullsville around here. I’ve got that itch for sure–I’m dying to ride. I keep testing my abduction and adduction abilities: can I get my leg over the saddle and then down into position? Not yet, my friends, not yet, but soon…
I went out to the barn Saturday afternoon all by my lonesome to get a little Johnny time. We’ve got his grazing paddock fully set up, so all we have to do is open the back gate to let him into his little grassy oasis. Picture this: me, on crutches, struggling through sand that sinks my crutches a good three inches deep, and Johnny, patiently following along as if I had him on a halter and lead rope. He never blinked twice at my additional aluminum ‘legs,’ though he did step on one as I took a misstep on my way to the back gate. He was following where he should, and my crutch hesitate just a moment. Thankfully I didn’t go down, and patient old Johnny just stopped because I did. Then, he stood and watched as I opened the gate in increments: crutch forward, lift and push gate six inches; crutch forward, lift and push gate six inches…you get the idea. He’s gotten a little spooky since all his buddies moved away; without other horsey friends to help keep watch, it’s up to him to warn the herd (on the other side of the property, no less) if the boogeyman shows up. I was diddling around in my tack room when something spooked him, and he came racing back in, all the way to Momma. Since his head was in the tack room, I decided I’d attempt to put his fly mask on–thinking he’d be like, “no dice, woman” and back out. Instead, he stood stock still while I maneuvered around, flipped it over his ears, and shrugged it into place. So, I doused him with fly spray, too, and he got a little fly relief. Then, of course, he wanted to show me how much he appreciated me by sticking his ginormous head on my shoulder. Pony love.
Although I’m practically going insane with stall rest, I’m keeping my eye on the prize. Ryan has consented to a three week stay with Koby this fall, so I’ll have three full weeks of two-a-day dressage lessons both on Johnny and her Prix St Georges horse. A little horsey heaven to motivate me to do all my physical therapy to the letter!
Meanwhile, I’m back in the kitchen with Ryan acting as sous chef. Last night I prepared authentic Jamaican jerk chicken. I’m going to tweak the recipe a little, and I was thinking maybe I should start a side blog for cooking… It’s a thought.


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