Life on crutches

I’m almost three weeks post-operative, and that means it’s been three weeks since I’ve ridden. My physical therapist jokes that I’m counting down the hours until I can get back into the saddle, but I’m not sure she realizes how much truth there is to that. As she was working on my abduction range of motion, I mentioned it was enough to get my leg over Johnny if I could just get someone to lift me high enough to get up there. She had to check to make sure I wasn’t actually going to try it. Tempting, but I’m not completely without sense. Everyone (including me) is amazed how quickly I’m healing–aside from the muscle atrophy and severed bones that are still fusing, I could be walking. I have so much range of motion back, and I’m down to minimal discomfort. It’s easy to overdo it at this point, and yesterday was a prime scenario: after physical therapy, I spent about 30 minutes in the pool walking in chest deep water. After dinner, I plopped myself on the couch and refused to move. Duly noted, hip, I’ll take it a little slower.
Meanwhile, Johnny now has a temporary grazing paddock adjoining his dirt lot, so he’s getting some grazing time, which takes some of the edge off. Thankfully he’s a horse that can go right back to work after several weeks of vacation, and since I’ll be starting him back on the longe, there’ll be no worries about his back muscle atrophy.
Unfortunately, I’m starting to feel the negative side effects of my non weight-bearing status. The crutch-life, so to speak, is wearing on my nerves. My house is a wreck, and in between Carson and Ryan, I negotiate a mine-field of dirty laundry, toys, and TA-50 every time I get up to go to the bathroom. The fact that I have yet to come crashing down is a testament to how carefully I place each crutch around the debris. Ryan is either unable or unwilling to empathize–I know he’s tired of taking care of Johnny, doing the laundry, washing dishes, and fetching things for me, but the fact remains that I’m completely unable to do these things until I have some hands free and can put weight on my leg. I am finally able to drive, so I’m at least mobile! I can drive myself to therapy and the doctors’ appointments. I’m halfway through my six week sentence, though, and so far it’s flown by. I’ll be walking again before I know it. I’m really hoping that since my range of motion is returning so quickly, Dr. Flandry will allow me to do some therapeutic saddle time at that point as well. Fingers are crossed!!


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