Let the countdown begin

It’s been awhile since my last post; a whole lot’s gone on, but I haven’t felt there was anything worth blogging about–don’t want to bore my precious few followers!

However, the itch to write has struck again, so here we are. I think I’ll work backwards from here. Yesterday was my second physical therapy appointment following my surgery. I was lamenting to Dad the other day as I tried to massage my hip and hold the ice pack on it that there should be some sort of ice circulation/massage machine like we have for horses. I’ve been saying that a lot lately: why don’t we have “x” for people like we have for horses?? I just happened to overhear another therapist telling her patient they were going to put her on the ice compression machine following her therapy, and I told mine about my conversation with my Dad. She offered the same treatment following my workout, so imagine my surprise when I saw the GameReady machine sitting ready! Haha, just so happens GameReady is the same company that makes the equine version available for rent through SmartPak. The hip wrap was perfect–down to my knee and up to my lower back. Fifteen minutes of icy water and compression felt amazing. I bet those horses love their machines. I want one. For a low, low price of $4999, I suppose I could! 🙂 We’ll put that on the Christmas Wish List.

Meanwhile, I’ve been mostly relegated to the couch since the 8th, though I have managed to make it to the barn twice. The first time I was in a wheelchair, and Johnny was so kind–putting his gargantuan head in my lap, allowing me to love on him…until Ryan emerged from the feed room carrying his evening grain, that is. The second time was to meet his potential new caretaker. I had arranged for Koby to give her a lesson so we could gauge the partnership potential. The lesson went well, but it gave me an honest view of the gaps in Johnny’s training. His tendency to hollow out and invert was glaringly obvious, and I realized he needs a lot of work on the longe. I ordered a set of Ultimate Side Reins yesterday. They’re sliding side reins that can be adjusted as Vienna side reins or balancing side reins. I’m not a big fan of standard side reins for horses who have a tendency to ‘giraffe’ because they don’t allow a horse freedom to explore contact–horses will curl behind the connection or hollow out and evade. Johnny does both. We’re going to go back to lots of longing with the side reins to help Johnny learn that forward and down is much preferred to up and sucked back.

In the meantime, I’m down to minimal pain meds and itching to get moving. My PT put me on the recline bicycle yesterday, and there’s one at our gym, so I’m going to add that to my daily regime. Once I get it cleared by my doc, I’m going for a little hydrotherapy as well. The gym on post has an indoor pool where I can walk laps in chest deep water. As soon as I’m cleared to get in the saddle, I want to be physically ready!!


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