Rain, rain, go away!

I really need an indoor arena. Or at least footing that holds up under water. I know I shouldn’t complain: what do you expect for $45/month board? I’m lucky we have arenas at all–I know barns where $300 gets you pasture board and no riding arena at all, so I’m very fortunate. Still, it’s disappointing that now that Johnny is ready to get back to work, it won’t quit raining! Georgia turns into a clay swamp in this sort of weather. The mud is like a suction cup, just begging to pull shoes or bow tendons. So, since my first love is out of the question, I’ve returned to the kitchen (insert chauvinistic joke here…) to hone my culinary prowess.
I found a spice rub and chipotle BBQ sauce recipe on the Food Network app (my favorite app) and ended up creating my own Chipotle Peach Bourbon BBQ sauce. Friends have been getting Mason jars full as I create new batches in an attempt to perfect it. My food processor has never gotten so much use, and let’s just say, I can almost chop onions as fast as the pros. Just kidding, but I am getting faster. Just trying not to chop off my fingers with my samurai sword. My right middle fingernail bears a few scars…
I’ve also started a love affair with kumquats. If you’ve never had the pleasure, I suggest you go seek out these tasty little jewels while they’re in season. They look like miniature oval-shaped oranges, but if that’s the flavor you expect, you’ll be in for quite a shock. You eat them whole, peel and all (minus the seeds, of course). Your mouth gets this fantastic explosion of tart-sour and fragrant sweet. It’s an experience! They’re great pureed into smoothies, or even better, in a pie. I got the recipe from the kumquat package; I’ll share it with you here, untweaked.
2/3 c. pureed kumquats (seeds removed)
1/2 c. fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 container Cool Whip (unthawed)
Beat together the frozen Cool whip and sweetened condensed milk until combined, then add in lemon juice. Beat until mixture has thickened again, then add in kumquats. Pour into prepared pie shell (I suggest a graham cracker crust) and refrigerate until set (2-4 hours). I call it a SweetTart pie; the flavor profile is akin to a Key Lime pie. I’m thinking about adding in some Grand Marnier and orange zest–I’ll let you know how it turns out.
Well, I hope I’ve inspired you to get in the kitchen and try something new…at least until you can get back into the saddle. (And if you’re able to ride right now, I’m supremely jealous). Bon appetit!


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