This is getting to be a real pain…

Okay, I’m now on a downward spiral to insanity. We’re at nearly two weeks of an abscess that won’t open. Furthermore, Johnny decided that since I had to go away for drill for the weekend, he would poke himself in the eye (or fill it with sand–who knows what he did) to develop ridiculous inflammation. So, picture this: I drove all night Sunday to make it back here. Monday afternoon (after recovering from said drive–was, in afterthought, not such a brilliant idea, but more on that later), I show up to the barn to find my horse is still lame and now his eye is closed and weepy. Oh, and his morning grain and hay rations hadn’t been touched. Seriously, I thought, “If you colic, I will have a meltdown.” For whatever reason, maybe out of protest, he wouldn’t touch that grain, but Cayenne thought it was just fine. He then proceeded to devour his dinner. Just once I would love to speak horse…
So, yesterday morning I started calling the vet clinic. I pestered the poor receptionist until the vet returned my call. (I am truly sorry for this, but sometimes the squeaky wheel…and all that.) I was finally told I could trailer Johnny to the clinic for a look-see, so I fetched the truck from Ryan, hooked up the trailer by myself in record time, and threw Johnny in the trailer. As suspected, there is definitely an abscess due to an errant nail. The doc pared away some more of the hoof to offer a draining spot. For the eye, I got the standard Neo-Poly-Bac. No corneal damage, but the conjunctiva was absolutely blood-red. And, let me tell you how much fun it is to put eye meds in a 17h horse whose eye hurts like the dickens: it’s not fun at all. Nor was the bute dose. By the time I finished, Johnny was firmly convinced I was the devil, and he stood pouting over in the corner of his paddock until I left.
This morning I arrived, fully expecting a blown-out abscess, but still nothing! So, another Epsom salt soak, more Magna-Paste, and another heat pack under the wrap. And, this afternoon, we’ll soak again… I swear I bought out Wal-Mart’s Epsom salt supply, and I only left a few packages of vet wrap at TSC. (I felt bad–somebody else might need to wrap their horse, too; otherwise, I would have bought them out.) I’m fully prepared to outlast my nemesis: I WILL prevail over the cursed abscess!!!!


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