Yielding to pressure

Can I just say that I truly hate abscesses?! Johnny is still out of commission. We pulled the shoe yesterday, and I packed his hoof with Magic Cushion. That stuff…what can I say about it? Let’s just put it this way: it SMELLS like it’s gonna work magic. I was extra careful not to get any on me. Poor Johnny was so miserable after we took away his pressure distributor (the shoe). He gimped around like we’d stabbed him. I could only hope that thing would blow out overnight.
This morning, Johnny was still fairly gimpy, but he was at least not three-legged lame. The farrier showed up and cut away some of his hoof to help open up a tract, and he confirmed it was, in fact, a hot nail. He gave me some Magna Paste to try. That stuff smells more like Ben Gay, is neon green, and almost as sticky as Magic Cushion, but I’m willing to try anything at this point. One of the other boarders loaned me a boot and lily pad for Johnny, and once he figured out how to walk in it, he seemed to appreciate the cushion of the boot and pad. He was walking around his paddock almost normally. I gave him a couple of grams of Bute to ease his pain. At this point, it’s just a time thing.
Since Cayenne is struggling with contact, I decided to return her back to the very basics. I’m going to go back and start her from the beginning. First, we had our little run-in with fly spray. Her previous owner had warned me that she wasn’t comfortable with it, so I was prepared. I’ve seen worse reactions, but we’ll revisit that again with a spray bottle filled with water. Next, we ventured into the arena for a longe lesson with side reins. It took a little while, but she finally got the point: yield to pressure! Once she figured out that it was far easier to put her head down and relax, she tried to stay that way, but it’s going to take awhile for her to unlearn her bad habits. She definitely reverts back to the head in the air, inverted pony, but she knows now, and is trying to help herself. After her longe lesson, I could put very little pressure on the reins and she instantly yielded. She’s got such a lovely demeanor and tries so very hard–I’m pretty excited about her potential.


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