Dealing with injury and retraining Cayenne

What a bummer! Johnny is still out of commission. I spent the weekend soaking and poulticing his hoof, hoping to draw out infection, but no such luck. I’ve called the vet and am awaiting an appointment time–yes, I am impatient, but more importantly, I don’t want it getting out of hand. Poor Johnny wants to go, but his ouchy foot makes him one gimpy boy. I turned him out into the arena and sent him forward to see how bad his lameness was (he wasn’t favoring it just walking around). He got excited and played around, picking up a right lead canter, but quickly changed his mind and came over to hang out like,”Mom, I have an owie! Make it better!!” He kind of reminded me of Carson when he gets a boo-boo, “Kiss it, Momma.” Poor baby. I’m such a softie for animals in any sort of discomfort. Hopefully we can get some pressure relief soon.
Meanwhile, I decided I’d better get back to working with Cayenne. For a change, I finally own a horse that has a tail growing past hock-length, so I carefully worked some Cowboy Magic through it before brushing it out and banging it, then shaping the dock. Voila–instant makeover for pony! Johnny’s dressage saddle fits her fairly well, but she’s definitely going to need her own bridle. We won’t tell Ryan just yet… For now, Johnny’s bridle fitted all the way on the last hole just barely works. Last ride, we struggled with her very, very resistant mouth. Someone has obviously put a curb bit and yanked on that poor horse’s mouth, but by the end of the ride today, I had her yielding somewhat and flexing a bit to the left. She is so very stiff to the right that it actually appears she may have a back issue; I am going to see if we can help relax her to the right, but if it continues, I’ll have the vet check her out. It also appears that at some point, someone taught her to move off the leg, but then she was retaught to ignore it. After a bit of trial and error, I had her moving somewhat laterally. Again, the stiffness was a big issue, but I think much of it will resolve once she finally trusts that I’m not going to yank on her mouth.


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