30 Days to Poplar Place: Day 6

Weeellll….today was…dreadful interesting. Sigh. Pony is definitely getting fitter, but his mental stability was not exactly rock solid today. Transitions were hollow-backed, his mouth was unyielding, and his gaits were short and choppy. It took a solid hour of riding transitions, bending, lateral work, and ‘side reins’ to get him relaxed and working. Of course, by that time, he was physically exhausted. I’m not sure if he just had an off day, or if perhaps he was sore after our conditioning work, despite getting yesterday off.
At any rate, both of us were wrung out and soaked in sweat after working our butts off in the warm and humid December air. (When’s the last time you ever heard that said?) I’m definitely going to have to body clip him. That will definitely be a post all on its own, since we’ve never gone down that road before.
I came home worn out and frustrated (when I left, Johnny was content and munching down the rest of his breakfast). I asked Ryan if I could open my Johnny’s Christmas present early. I’m hoping the Perfect Balance Fleeceworks pad will help alleviate any discomfort he may be feeling in his back. I know my bouncing around on his back when I’m trying to get him through does not help matters. I know, I know, a ‘gadget’ is not the fix for everything, but I want to ensure every possible variable is covered.
The biggest highlight of the day was that Johnny rolled all the way over for the first time since I’ve owned him. He usually does one side, gets up, lays down again, and then rolls onto the other side. Of course, even that was dampened by the fact that he was still wet when he rolled in the sand. Sheesh.


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