30 Days to Poplar Place: Day 4

Hooray for galloping thoroughbreds! If you’ve never galloped on a thoroughbred, do not pass this life without trying it. There’s something cathartic about balancing on the back of an animal who loves to run for the sheer pleasure of it.
Yesterday, a friend from the barn and I took our TBs out to the airborne drop zone for some conditioning work. Several miles later, the boys were still full of energy and curiosity as we found a good stretch for a gallop. My original plan was to do a few slower gallops at 300 or 350 mpm, but I underestimated Johnny’s competitive nature, and in the end, we settled for keeping the boys from running at breakneck speed as each horse pushed for the lead. Johnny’s roaring, usually a major hindrance in the arena, didn’t seem to faze him in the least. In fact, I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get him pulled up until we approached a big marsh. I got him slowed enough for him to realize it was coming and put the brakes on to avoid bogging down in knee-deep sludge. You’d think after seven miles of trails, trot sets, and a breeze, the ponies would be dragging their noses on the ground, ambling back towards home, but instead, it seemed we’d only gotten them warmed up, and we fairly well power-walked back to the trailer.
So it seems Johnny’s found a new galloping buddy to keep him motivated, and yesterday’s workout was good for both our bodies and spirits. I feel much better about his ability to tackle the endurance of novice and training levels now, and I don’t think we’ll run into any major issues as we prepare for moving up. Today, Johnny gets the day off since I’m cooking a 24 pound turkey for our Hunt Club Christmas party, and I’m hoping the excursion and a day off help rejuvenate his attitude towards arena work.
Till then, Go Eventing!


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