Too excited to sleep

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I’ve been up since 0430, too excited about today and the rest of this week to sleep. This morning is the Stubben Black Monday sale, and Ryan has all but promised I can finally buy a new jumping saddle. I am going to cry if they don’t have the Juventus on sale. I bought the Juventus dressage model at last year’s Rolex and have been nothing but happy with it. The Juventus is a youth model saddle (bonus: they’re cheaper than adult models) that fits riders my size (5’2″). There are no customizable options: one seat size and standard length flaps (again, contributing to the lower price), but they just happen to be a perfect fit for me. Thankfully, they do offer narrow tree options, which means it also fits Johnny rather well! Even better, they’re not the cheap, crappy leather that you might expect from a cheaper youth saddle. No, my Juventus D is holding up superbly with lots of riding.
This new Stubben will replace an ancient Stubben Columbo (they don’t even make that model anymore) that I’ve had for 10 years or so and was probably a good 10-15 years old when I got it! It’s like an invincible tank, and the only reason I’m replacing it is because it’s just too big for me, and since we’re moving up to Training level this year, I need something a little more my size. I do hate to get rid of it, but hopefully someone else can give it another 10 good years!

And if the Black Monday sale wasn’t enough, Dover’s is having an in-store sale this week, and I finally live within driving distance! Ryan will kill me if I spend another penny on tack after buying a saddle, but the sale is a perfect time to finally go check out a Dover’s store. Besides, I need hay nets. 🙂

AND, if two tack sales in one week just wasn’t enough, it’s Thanksgiving this week! My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas. They’re the two times in the year when I get to spend an entire week cooking and decorating the house. This year my parents are coming down to visit, and we’ll be putting up the tree while they’re here. I can’t wait to see how excited Carson gets about decorating the tree with Papaw & Mimi here!


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