Dear Santa…

Ryan asked me for my Christmas wish list the other day. Every year, we prepare a short list of the things we’d like for Christmas so that when each of our families ask what we want, we’re prepared. This keeps my mom from buying me yet another pair of fuzzy socks that double as slippers. I can only wear so many.
This year, I tried hard to make a reasonable list. I did! But, in the end, here’s what I ended up with.
1. Stubben Juventus S or Barnsby Xtreem or really any cross-country/jumping Saddle that fits me AND Johnny
2. Tie-back surgery for Johnny (does that count as Johnny’s present?)
3. Laser Contour Snaffle Bridle (On sale at Dressage Extensions!)
4. Vitamix Blender (I do occasionally leave the barn)
5. Tailored Sportsman TS Low Rise Breeches in white
6. Riding Lessons/Clinics
As you can see my wish list is a little, uhm, extravagant. I tried coming up with normal budget-sized gifts, but honestly, I’m at a loss. Really, I’d settle for just a new saddle. My current model, a Stubben that’s older than I am, just isn’t cutting it anymore. Granted, it’s built like a tank, but it’s too big for me and just doesn’t fit Johnny.
Ryan took one look at my list and said, “You need sponsors.” I wish! Eventing is a terribly expensive sport. I can remember going to rodeos as a kid: my parents paid $25 or so for my entry fees into 5 classes, and at the minimum, we came home with $25 if my pony sat down and tried to roll in the freshly turned dirt instead of plowing around the barrels. These days, I pay $200 or more for the basic entry fee alone, and by the time it’s all said and done, a show weekend costs us $500 or more–depending on how far we had to drive. And, if I’m lucky? I come home with a $2.00 ribbon. We all know it’s expensive to host an event/horse trials. I know where my entry fees go and that the organizers don’t make much money from hosting shows. But, it sure would be nice to compete for a new saddle or horse trailer…


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