What, Me Worry?

Recently I had begun to wonder if my 14+ month old toddler was developing a split personality or just going through his terrible twos early. After a final night of wailing, throwing things, and general tantrum antics (Carson, not me), I finally decided it was time to do my homework.

I am not a worryer by nature. So, when Carson wasn’t walking at 12 months like some of his peers, I figured he’d walk when he got ready. After all, he was doing things they weren’t, like drinking from a straw, completely weaned off bottles, drinking whole milk instead of formula, and eating table foods. And, as expected, when he got ready, he started taking steps, completely by-passing standing without support.  But, recently, he’s stopped saying words, no longer attempting to walk, and has been generally a stinker. I left all my baby development books back in Kentucky at the house, so I went to the What to Expect website. As I read the block of information for 14 and 15 month olds, I was surprised to see it matched Carson’s behavior to a T. From what I gather, it appears he may be cutting his first set of molars. I knew he was cutting another two sets of incisors, top and bottom, but wow, that many teeth at once? I’d probably be throwing tantrums, too. I’d at least be popping ibuprofen…

So, I decided to cut the kid some slack. When I came in from my ride last evening, Mimi had already given him his bath, so I plopped down in the floor for some Mommy and Carson snuggle time before bed. He looked up at Mimi, who was sitting on the couch, and said, “Bye-bye.” A new word (two, technically)?! And then, he dropped my pony tail holder in the floor and said, “Uh-oh.” (A recent new word–he hears it a lot). Just goes to show, Carson does everything in his own sweet time. Looks like he’s going to be as stubborn as his mama…


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