Tan-in-a-can: Part II

I knew I should have done my homework before buying a product that is essentially spray paint for your body. After reading the reviews online for Sevin Nyne, I realized I wasn’t the only one who turned out looking like an Oompa Loompa with a skin problem. So, I returned to Sephora, can in hand, and prayed they’d let me exchange it for another. This time, I was prepared. I had read the reviews online and had a product in mind. And, I found a store associate who had actually used the product. She was completely honest about the fact that the instant bronze (so that you can see where you’re putting the product) can look streaky and blotchy, but that after a shower, the streaks and blotches would disappear. She also told me that it was more of a subtle tan rather than an instant bronze. After my ‘instant bronze’ experience, I was okay with subtlety.

So, last night, I did the head to toe exfoliation process, lotioned my ankles, knees, and elbows, and triple-read the directions. I then took a deep breath, braced for the worst, and spread a very dark mousse all over myself. It went on rather nicely, but I noticed it dried a little faster than the bottle had said. The bottle advertised a 60 second dry time–meaning you could get dressed instead of having to stand there and dry. This was both good and bad. On one hand, I didn’t have to stand around naked waiting for the ‘paint’ to dry. On the other hand, I had to work quickly–once it was on my body, I needed to spread it evenly. It wasn’t until after I had covered myself and went to wash my hands that I realized just how dark my palms were. I had kind of figured I could wash my hands right after application and be okay. Five washes and exfoliation later, I still had dirty brown hands.

This morning, though, I walked out of the house in shorts–I didn’t have to hide orange splotches with pants, and there was very little bleed onto my clothes, even after a three mile run and eight minutes in the sauna. Yes, I still have orangey-brown palms, but they’re not that noticeable unless I wave at you. Plus, they’re fading with each wash. I’ll just have to break down and buy an applicator mitt.

Overall, I’m pleased with the St. Tropez self-tanning mousse. It certainly doesn’t smell as bad as other products I’ve tried, and other than the brown palms, my tan, though subtle, looks very natural. Maybe I should tell Lindsey Lohan about St. Tropez…


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