The Bosch Tassimo Home Brewing Station Review

Three mini-posts coming at you…ready, go!

We’ll start with my quest for good coffee. Three weeks ago, I ordered my mother’s day present at the behest of Carson (I promise, he said, Mom, go ahead and order this for yourself; you deserve it). I can’t stand Folgers, and that’s all Mom & Dad and the AR National Guard have to offer. So, I started shopping for coffee makers. The thing you must first know about me is that I’m a food/drink snob. I would rather enjoy a smaller portion of something really good than a generous helping of mediocrity (coincidentally, that applies to my life philosophy as well). So, in terms of coffee, I tend to drink about 1 cup a day. But, I expect that one cup to be perfection. I focused my research on the newer one-cup brew stations, and then narrowed down to compare Tassimo and Keurig. Although Keurig got points for accessibility–you could buy one at Wal-Mart, it lost major points for its limited functionality. Tassimo brew stations can not only brew standard coffee, but they can also brew espresso and steam milk for lattes. Sold. The Tassimo website was running a Mother’s Day special: 25% off brew stations, free coffee, and free shipping. So, instead of popping over to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick up one, I ordered mine. After waiting nearly three weeks, I finally received the machine the day after Mother’s Day. Their customer service isn’t great, but why should they be? They can dangle the technology over your head, (snobby French accent) “We are ze only ones who can brew ze lattes, madam.” Frustrating to say the least, but Tuesday morning, I had the brew station set up in my office and called my NCOs in to watch the miraculous process. (Truly, we have better things to do, but it was the inaugural cup!) Once the excitement was over, the true test ensued. I chose a latte for my first try. Although a little on the weak side–I’m used to 2 shots of espresso from Starbucks, the depth of flavor, tone, and creamy consistency was on par with some of the better elitist coffee shop beverages I have drank. In other words: dang good coffee! And the latte was followed by a cup of ‘regular’ coffee the next day. Delicious as well.

In short, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to maximum functionality and brewing technology, go with the Bosch Tassimo. However, I suggest picking yours up in-store. I went with the LCD version: it’s sleek, sexy, and looks great in my office. I’ve made 4 cups of coffee (two of which were lattes), and I’ve still got plenty of water in the 60 ounce tank for a couple more. If you’re a 3 or more cup a day drinker, this machine will not suit you. Stick to an automatic drip. But, as a French press connoisseur, I appreciate the hard labor that goes into a single good cup of coffee. Tassimo creates that same delicious taste, just without the effort!


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