No Pain, No Gain

Second post of the day…

I’m on week two of my intense workout regimen, and exhaustion has set in. I had planned on doing a sprint workout this morning, but I could not make myself get out of bed and put on workout clothes. Every muscle fiber in my body protested just rolling over and putting my feet onto the floor at 0500. In fact, I hit the 5 minute snooze 3 times; my alarm goes off at 0445. I know it’s important to allow my muslces some recovery time, but I need the consistency to maintain my focus. It’s easy to fall into the “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” path. So, this morning, I’m feeling guilty for skipping my workout.

Ryan and I are the type of people who need to be engaged in activity about 95% of our awake hours. Perhaps that’s why we get along so well, and I can tell Carson is going to be the same way. Since Johnny is out of commission for at least another week with a hoof abscess, I’m not riding, and that creates a void that I need to fill with exercise. I’ve found a website that offers workouts created specifically for riders, and that has helped–I’m hoping it will translate into a better position in the saddle when I’m able to get back onboard.

I’m hoping a day off will rejuvenate my body. I’m planning on that sprint workout tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.


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