Look Mom, No Hands!

Carson hit the 14 month mark three days ago. For a few months now, we’ve been encouraging him to try to walk. Oh, I know what I’m getting myself into once he can walk, but he gets so frustrated only being able to crawl, and I know my back will appreciate the lessened load when he can carry himself. For the past week or so, he’s been taking a step here or there and standing on his own from time to time. The other day he let go of my hand to bend down to pick up a stick, then stood back up–on his own. So, we know he has the ability. The problem is, it’s that crawling is so much easier, and falling down is scary!

Last night Carson finally made the attempt to walk completely on his own. He let go of the computer table he was holding onto and walked directly towards me. About halfway there, he got excited, rushed, and fell on his face, but we made such a big hullabaloo about him trying, that he giggled out loud.

The only downside to this is his daddy isn’t here to see his first attempts. And, those of you who are parents of walking children know that the first attempts are rarely caught on video because they’re so spontaneous. I guess we’ll have to keep the video camera on standby from now on.


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