Murphy’s Law Monday Prevails

Yesterday probably would have been a great day to stay in bed. Unfortunately, I don’t get that opportunity. Ever. However, I did hit the snooze button twice. Okay, three times, but it’s only five minutes’ worth of extra zzz’s, and I needed that fifteen minutes! Of course, those precious few minutes cost me dearly when I realized there was a headlight out on my car. Mom suggested I take her SUV, and so a quick transfer of all mine and Carson’s gear quickly ensued. Somehow I managed to get Carson dropped off and make it to the NLR area with just enough time to run through the Starbuck’s drive-thru. Honestly, I wanted Panera: their coffee is better, and I love their power breakfast sandwich. But, I didn’t have the time to get out and wait, and I didn’t have a patrol cap with me. So, I rolled up to the drive-thru, placed my order, and started to pull ahead. And here’s where things turned ugly. The moronic engineer who designed the drive-thru lane at Starbucks (on JFK) must have thought Starbucks’ customers only drive compact cars, because he sure didn’t think that turn through. I was trying to avoid scraping her left front tire on the left curb, and I nudged up against the curb with the right front. I turned the wheels to the left to try and swing back off it, but that little bit of friction was all her tire needed to pop. I heard a big whoosh as the air rushed out and the car deflated to the right as the tire emptied. Really? How do you burst a tire traveling under 5 mph? I had no choice but to continue through the drive-thru–at least I could down some caffeine and a little breakfast before I had to get out and change a tire. Since it was before 0700, I parked in front of the empty insurance building next door and got out to assess the damage. I was hoping maybe I had rolled over a nail and the tire could be repaired. No such luck. I could immediately tell this was going to cost me. I called one of my NCOs for assistance and began gathering all the necessary tire-changing equipment. In no time flat, we had the damaged tire off and in the back of his truck and were on our way to Pep Boys. As we made the right hand turn onto McCain, Murphy struck again. The tire slid off, out of the pickup bed, and into the street. He jumped out, threw the tire back in the truck (where it couldn’t jump out) and we got on our way. Again. We got to Pep Boys before they opened, and I was still third in line. I guess Murphy was on a roll. I won’t get into price, but let’s just say it’s a good thing they give a good military discount.  Tire in tow, we headed back to the truck. We remounted the tire at Nascar pit crew speed as the rain began pelting down on our uncovered heads. I jumped back in the truck just as the floodgates opened–my first bit of good luck.  I finally got to my office just before 10am, drenched and already ready for lunch. What should have been a productive morning was a phenomenal waste of time. The only highlight? I had an email from Ryan waiting in my inbox. Well, that outdoes Murphy any day!


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