Can I List Social Media-Savvy on My Resume?

Just when I thought I had everything figured out, time-wise, everything blows up at work, and Mother Nature throws a tantrum! Murphy’s law prevails again. I’m finally caught up, but the weather’s still not cooperating, so Johnny’s getting a break. I did get a great lesson squeezed in earlier this week, though. I was looking forward to applying some of my new skills to Johnny, but even I’m not brave enough to ride in a thunderstorm…

And, I swore I never would, but I signed up for a Twitter account. I’m still not seeing the great appeal, but after watching some of the dinosaurs in a meeting the other day, I decided I’d better keep up with the times so when I’m a LTC and my young LTs come in talking about the latest social media, I won’t be caught in the dark. It is kind of cool to keep up with the eventing world, though. And, I’m sure as I get more familiar with it, it will become like FB is for me now: necessary for social survival.

Anyway, the good news is that before my world exploded, I actually managed to get a lot done–including hand-decorating 3 dozen plastic Easter eggs for Carson and his two cousins. I may not be Martha Stewart, but hey, every Mom has a little crafty-ness up her sleeve!

Carson's First Easter Basket


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