Saturday Afternoon is Alright for Shopping

One good thing about taking Carson shopping with me is I don’t feel so silly holding a one-sided conversation. People tend to not look at you quite as oddly when they can see the little person you’re talking to. Without Carson, I just look like another crazy lady mumbling to herself…

We went in search of the perfect Easter outfit for Carson. Somehow I suspect this will be much easier when we’re trying to coordinate his outfit with Daddy’s instead of Mommy’s. I’ve seen matching mother-daughter dresses, but to date, I’ve yet to see any mother-son coordinating outfits. Probably a good thing. As luck would have it, Baby Gap had the perfect shade of gray-blue that brings out the bright blue of Carson’s eyes. So it doesn’t go with my dress…at least it doesn’t clash. I’m looking forward to hopefully perfect Easter weather so we can take some pictures to send to Ryan. It’s been awhile since he’s seen any pictures of me. I think he could use something to look forward to. Taking Carson shopping is always a gamble. Some days he really seems to enjoy it–he laughs and smiles at people and has a good time. Other days…well, those are the days I promise myself I’ll ask the doctor about birth control. Thank goodness today was a good day. We did a mommy-son lunch, picked out an Easter outfit, and headed over to Target to get Easter basket goodies for Carson, London, and Shayla. By the time we reached Target, Carson was reminding me of Ryan after I’ve dragged him to three stores, and we’re on our way to the fourth. Resourceful mama found a bouncy ball, and then the fun began… Carson has recently discovered his throwing arm. Today’s game was, “throw the ball and let mama fetch it.” This was not only entertaining for Carson (who gleefully laughed every time mama fetched the ball) but other shoppers as well. I actually got pretty good at the game. I could catch it on the first bounce while driving the shopping cart and shopping, too. I wonder if we can take a bouncy ball with us every time we go shopping…

Our final stop was for groceries at Wal-Mart. By this time, Carson, who had missed his morning nap, was full-on tired of shopping, and he wasn’t afraid to tell me about it. As a last resort, I sat him in the floor while I unloaded my cart onto the belt at the checkout. I watched as he pulled the oversized packages of m&m’s off the display one by one. Finally, when I got the last item out of the cart, I ran over, scooped him up, and returned all the m&m’s to their rightful places amidst Carson’s protests. And, as much as he fought it, he went back into the shopping cart so I could finish checking out. This time, he discovered the shopping bag carousel. Oh boy…it spins. He timed his spins just right so the lady at the counter missed the bag as she attempted to bag our groceries. Sigh. At least she was good-natured about it. She even let him spin the carousel a few times after we got all the bags in the cart.

After a half day of shopping with a thirteen month old who isn’t yet walking, I began to worry just how bad it could get. The half-dozen packages of m&m’s on the floor are nothing compared to what he could get into if he could walk around. I think we’ll save the shopping trips for when Ryan comes home. Better yet, he and daddy can have father-son grocery shopping outings.


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