A New Direction

I had just about given up on this whole concept of blogging: I’m working full-time, raising a 13 month old while Daddy is deployed, working on my MBA, and training my up-and-coming event horse, Big Johnny. Where would I find the time to blog? Then I realized, I need an outlet, and if no one else reads it, my family can keep track of how Carson and I are doing. So, here I am, back in the saddle again, so to speak!

I’m going to revamp my image a little, though, folks. This blog is going to be what the original title intended: Justjump. Just Jump is my motto, I guess. It applies not only to my take on riding horses (just get over the jump already), but on life as well–a leap of faith, if you will. So, this blog will be a chronicle of the geographically single mom of one trying to accomplish her many goals. I’ll cover parenting, life as a dual-military couple spouse, horse training, and staying active. People who know me know I could easily be described as ecclectic, so expect this blog to follow suit. I’ll try to keep the blogs organized by category so if horses bore you, you can choose to read my parenting or spouse blogs.

Also, I promise to try and post more pictures. Now that spring is here, I hope to keep the camera batteries charged and the lens flashing. Look for Carson pics, Johnny pics, and other subjects that catch my eye.


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