It’s Not for the Weak or Faint of Heart

Today wins the record for shortest day ever. I’m pretty sure somebody snuck a few hour out while I wasn’t paying attention. And, somehow, I’m still exhausted. In fact, if I didn’t smell like an old gym sock, I’d probably head straight to bed without a shower. And, if I wasn’t drinking my dinner (a protein smoothie, seriously), I wouldn’t be furiously typing away. Thank goodness Carson went right to bed. I don’t think I could take another bedtime struggle after the workout I just had. If you haven’t heard of Zumba by now, you probably still own a cd player instead of an iPod, and you’re probably not reading this because you’ve never heard of the internet. Zumba is the hottest thing in workouts right now, and I just found out why. I’m not a big follower of fads when it comes to weight loss or fitness, but my sister-in-law lost 10 pounds after doing Zumba at home for 10 days, or something crazy like that. So, after challenging her to a biggest loser competition, I decided to check this Zumba out. I figured it couldn’t be that hard. I’ve done P90X, Cross-Fit, and some hardcore PT. Surely I could handle a little dancing. Whoa. I should have known something was up when I had to show up 30 minutes early and stand in line to buy a ticket just to get in the class. Where most aerobic classes start off with a 15 minute warm-up and end with a 15 minute cool down, so you feel you’ve wasted half the class in non-aerobic activity, Zumba starts off with a bang. It’s non-stop booty-shaking, hip-swinging, arm flailing, dance fever. Fifteen minutes in, the smell of sweat permeated the air. Thirty minutes in, some of us were starting to slow a little. And near the end of the class, most of us were just struggling to move in the same general direction as our super-fit, toned Brazilian instructor. But, as hard as it was, it was an absolute blast. I’m definitely hooked. Although, I did call my sister-in-law and tell her she must be doing it wrong: I’m pretty sure I dropped 10 pounds of sweat in one workout!

Before Zumba, though, there was car seat installation. I finally found a car seat for Carson, since he’s outgrown his infant seat. After struggling for 30 minutes to get him down for a nap, I sat down, already frustrated, to begin the process. I probably should have taken a deep breath and an anti-anxiety pill first. Five minutes in, I wanted to take the car seat back to Babies r Us and throw it at first salesperson I saw. Without rehashing it all (and subsequently raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels), I will say this: the person who designed the straps that hold the Latch system in place should be taken out to a desert, coated in honey, and buried up to his/her neck. After I got the stupid straps put in the rear-facing position, re-attached the cover, and added the seat padding, it was time to actually install it into my car. Luckily that went a little easier than the previous task, but I’m still pretty sure that the car seat should come with a free Geek like Best Buy computers.

And before the car seat installation, there was hauling Carson to the post office, Babies R Us, and Sam’s. I know, it doesn’t sound too bad, but Carson is in a transition stage that no one talks about (maybe mommies forget it on purpose). He is too much of a big boy to sit in his infant seat in the shopping cart. He is no longer to sit reclined–he wants to sit up and look around. And, while he is capable of sitting up for short periods, he’s not quite up to gallivanting around stores yet. So, it’s combination of blocking (with purse and diaper bag or purchases) either side of him, and hanging on to him when he manages to slump over to one side anyway. Try doing that and driving a cart–seriously, try it. My purse was thoroughly soaked in drool, and this evening as we stood in line at Wal-Mart, I got soaked in carrot juice and formula spit up. Of course I hadn’t thought to bring in the diaper bag for such a quick run in (that turned into a 30 minute trip). So, there it all stayed. Mommy’s little badge of honor. Thanks, Carson.

So, I guess looking back, I’m really not surprised the day flew by so fast. What I wonder is, where is a job supposed to fit in?


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