One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

I remember when my sister and I were younger, my mom would drag us around every Saturday morning to the local yard sales. My sister and I hated it (me more than her, I think). Why would we want somebody else’s old stuff? Granted, every now and again, we came across a Barbie or toy that we wanted, but mostly Mom was hunting for clothes for us. For my sister and me, it was embarrassing to show up to school in somebody’s hand-me-downs. As a matter of fact, a particularly snotty girl once called me out on it. I was mortified. I swore right there and then, that I would never go to a yard sale on my own free will.

Fast forward twenty-something years. Granted, I kept my promise to myself this whole time, but this morning I woke up, walked outside, and saw my neighbor, who has a son about eighteen months older than Carson, was having a yard sale. Between Carson’s Nana, Mimi, and two aunts, he stays pretty well clothed. In fact, I rarely shop for him, because I never know what they’re going to have as “surprises” for him when we come to visit. But, I knew she probably wasn’t getting much in the way of customers, and I wanted to be neighborly. So, I loaded Carson into the stroller, grabbed my coffee, and walked across the street. It’s a good thing I did. See, Carson grows so quickly, and I have the dreaded “fashionista” curse. This means, that if I want to keep Carson in stylish wear, I have to continually shop. This is a problem, because I’m not working (yep, still job-hunting). You can see my dilemma. Turns out, my neighbor has a pretty good sense of fashion, too. And, like me, when she’s ready to off-load some stuff, it’s time for it to go. So, Carson got several cute rugby shirts, an adorable pair of lined cargo pants, three heavy duty coats, a hooded jacket, and a couple of other tops for the whopping price of five dollars. And, apparently, her son grows just as quickly, because these clothes are like new. On top of that, I made a new friend.

While I’m not quite ready to admit that maybe my mother had it right all those years, I will cop to the fact that bargain shopping for a young, growing child is a sound idea. And, yeah, I might just hit up another garage sale or two in the future. But, I think I’ll let my kids choose where they want to shop (within reason) when they’re old enough to make the decision.


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