He’s So Cute When He Sleeps

Well, last night’s attempts at ‘ignoring’ Carson’s whimpers as he fell asleep worked. Kind of. After about thirty five minutes, he finally fell asleep. I should have gone to bed then, but I stayed up watching episodes of Glee (yes, I am a Gleek). Before I went to bed, I sneaked a peek–those mommy paranoid feelings never go away, I guess. He was asleep on his back in what looked like the most uncomfortable position ever, but I wasn’t going to risk waking him up to move him. He must’ve decided it was uncomfortable, too, because he woke up crying right as I was getting into bed. But, after a few moments, he went back to sleep. I couldn’t believe it–it was that easy! I should have known.

I don’t remember just how many times I had to get up last night and put him tummy-side down again, only to watch him roll right over. I rocked, I walked, I cuddled for countless minutes (hey, every minute of sleep is precious) every few hours through the night. Everything was going well, though, until I heard the garbage truck at five am this morning. Sure enough, the loud clanging and banging woke Carson up, and I had to go in there (I’m calling our garbage service and giving them a piece of my mind today). He fell right asleep while I was holding him, and I was smart enough not to put him down while the truck was still banging around in the street, but as I put him back down in the crib, he lifted his butt in the air…and rolled over. Sigh. I tried letting him cry it out. I even turned off the baby monitor (guiltily, even though my bedroom door and his were open). I gave up and headed in there to nurse him. At first it looked like it would work. But, then he started with the baby talk, and I gave up. I brought him into our bed, and laid down next to him. I figured I could at least close my eyes and rest while he played. Of course that wasn’t going to happen. So, after a few minutes of trying to entertain him, I decided maybe a little breakfast fortification would help. Sure enough, the kid was hungry, and by the time he filled up, he was already headed to sleepytown. He is now asleep (on his back) sprawled out in my bed. Meanwhile, I’m awake, wishing I could sleep, but the neighbors’ dog won’t shut up, and the sun is up. I think it’s going to be a long day.


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