A Battle of Wills

As much as I want my child to reach those all-so-important milestones, I am not enjoying the negative side effects. Carson has recently discovered that he can roll from tummy to back anytime he pleases, and since he is a tummy sleeper, this poses several new challenges. For the past couple of nights, I’ve had to rock him to sleep, where I used to be able to just lay him down, and he would put himself to sleep. Now he rolls onto his back and gets frustrated that he can’t roll back over. I’ve also had to get up a couple of times during the night and flip him back onto his tummy. Tonight I’m going to see how long I can take listening to him whimper and cry. I am attempting to avoid going in and rolling him back over. Last night it took me thirty minutes to get him to sleep, and within an hour I had to go roll him over again. I’m thinking it will save me a lot of time and hair-pulling in the long run if I can suck it up and let him work it out tonight.

So far he’s been whimpering on and off for fifteen minutes. This may be an intense battle of wills, and to be honest, I’m a little worried he might win. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like listening to him cry, and I’m not battling him sorely for my sake so I can get some extra rest. I just need him to learn to sleep on his back. He needs to learn to adjust to a situation. A little tough love, if you will. My mom wouldn’t be able to do it. She can’t stand to hear him cry–she’d be in his room in a heartbeat, sitting up with him all night if need be. But, my mom doesn’t have to spend every night with him… Wait. What’s that? Silence–oh, nope. Nevermind. Just a pause in the whimpers. At least it’s not full blown bawling. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t take that for very long. It helps that I’ve got the t.v. on and can’t really hear him very well

In other news, Ryan has told me via email that he should be able to give me his R & R date soon. So, we’ll have a countdown; a date to look forward to. I’m not sure who will be more excited: me or him. Probably him. He’s missing Carson pretty bad (wouldn’t you?).


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