Baby Wonderland

Today was a shopping day for Carson and me. Last night’s big scare sent me scrambling out and about in search of a high chair. I had been feeding him in his swing so that I didn’t have to sit in the floor (that was killing my back). I plopped him in the swing last night and went around the corner to grab a spoon for the oatmeal. Ten seconds later, I walked around the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining area to find Carson bent completely over at the waist mere inches away from sprawling out into the floor. I yelled out, threw the spoon down, and re-situated him in the swing. Granted, it would have been only a two foot (less than, actually) fall onto carpet, but it was enough for me to put my foot down and tell Ryan it was time to purchase a high chair.

So, once I had put Carson to bed, I spent the next two hours poring over shopping sites and reading high chair reviews on the web. I went to sleep thinking I’d never find one that fit the bill. Actually, I had found one I liked, but it was way more than we wanted to spend. I decided to sleep on it.

This morning, I spent another thirty minutes looking at more high chairs before I decided there was no better way than to go try them out. Our first stop was to get the diaper bag from Ryan’s office. If you know Ryan at all, you can come up with a really good idea as to why Carson’s diaper bag was in Ryan’s office… Our next stop was Babies R Us. We were in luck. They had about 8 models that were at floor level. So, I systematically put Carson into every one of them. Some were ugly. Some didn’t have enough padding. One model had the most annoying straps ever. I held Carson and tried to remove the tray with one hand. If I couldn’t easily remove the tray, the chair failed. When all was said and done, the chair I had liked last night passed all my tests with flying colors. Plus, Carson seemed to love it (he smiled really big and made happy sounds). I consulted with Ryan. I told him that, yes, it cost more, but since it converts from a high chair to a toddler chair and has a separate booster seat, it would save us in the long run. Nevertheless, I wanted to see what Target had before I made the purchase. Carson and I needed to eat lunch, too, so I grabbed a salad from the snack stand. Surprisingly, it was really good. Chicken breast strips, goat cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, and a poppyseed dressing. After I finished, I nursed Carson–remembering a story about a lady who tried to nurse her son in Target and got the cops called on her. No one said a word to me. After we ate, it was time for a diaper change and potty break. Potty break for me; diaper change for Carson. I had two options: lift the carseat off the cart, lug it and the diaper bag into the bathroom and so on. Or, I could push the shopping cart into the bathroom with me. I peeked in the door. There was certainly enough room, and there was no one else around. So, I pushed the cart right on into the bathroom and parked it by the changing table. No bending over to pick Carson out of his seat off the floor. No struggling to put the changing mat down with one hand. Lovely. Then it was my turn. Turns out the handicapped stall was large enough to accommodate the cart as well–awesome! I just pushed him right in! As I made my way out of the bathroom, I saw a sign posted notifying nursing mothers of a seat in the fitting rooms for their convenience. Well! Way to go, Target! Unfortunately, they had all of one high chair on display, (above my head at that) and it was a girl’s model. They had two others in boxes, but neither of them looked promising. I returned to Babies R Us and found a man on a ladder who was kind enough to climb up and grab a non-dented box and carry it to the front for me. After I checked out, he even carried it to my car in the blazing hot heat (uh, yeah, apparently it gets pretty dang hot in Kentucky).

Of course I couldn’t wait to get the chair assembled. One of the reviews I had read mentioned that it was difficult to assemble. That person must have been an incompetent moron. I had the chair out of the box and put together before Carson could realize he was laying in the floor. By this time, too, he was hungry, so we got to try it out. UH-MAZ-ING!! Where had this wonderful chair been this whole time?? Carson was happy. I was happy. We were in the middle of polishing off a jar of squash, though, when suddenly, “aaachoo!” And just like that, I was wearing pureed squash. Oh well. At least the high chair looks good!

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