Get Me to a Gym

Ask me how many times I’ve worked out since my last blog. If you guessed I would say zero, then you’re right. I wish I had a good excuse, like my leg was broken or something (okay, I definitely don’t wish that, but you know what I mean), but it’s really been just a series of piddly things. My in-laws came to visit. I had pictures to go through and post on Facebook. I cooked dinner for Ryan’s friend. You see what I mean? I’ve just never been very good at self-motivation when it comes to self-inflicting pain. Which I happen to think is a good thing–sort of a survivalist trait. But, it’s not such a good trait to have when you need to lose that last ten, okay, fifteen pounds of baby weight. And it’s really not a good thing when you have only two more months to be in good enough shape to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. Oh yeah, I have that coming up. What does that entail? Let’s see… You must run two miles. To pass I have to run it in 20:30. A fairly slow time, sure, but when you haven’t been running at all, it might as well be a four minute mile pace. You have two minutes to complete as many pushups as you can. I’m still struggling with those, and to pass I have to complete 17. Again, might as well be a million. And finally, you have two minutes to complete as many situps as you can. Finally, something I can pass. I only have to complete 45. No problem. Oh, don’t worry. By the time September rolls around, I’ll be able to pass the APFT, but it’ll be nowhere near the stellar score I was working towards when I took my last test. My last APFT was one point shy of perfection (299/300). My goal was to reach 300 by age thirty, but it’s sure not looking possible right now. Not unless Jillian Michaels shows up at my door sometime soon. Maybe I need a reality show about stay at home moms who are looking for jobs and less than enthusiastic about working out. Hmm. Somebody pitch that to FOX.


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