We Have An Open Door Policy

I must have been more tired than I thought last night. For the first time that I can remember, Ryan managed to get out of the house without waking me. In fact, he managed to get out of bed without waking me! That means, not only did the alarm on his watch actually wake him, he actually got up and turned it off before it woke me. I’m astounded.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I was so tired. We’ve been going to bed early every night since Carson’s bedtime is about eight o’clock, and Ryan’s seems to be eight-thirty. Yeah, we’re a pretty lively crew here, haha. Needless to say, we’re definitely morning people. Even on our days off (well Ryan’s day off; I have every day off these days) we’re up with the sun, ready to go. Anyway, I digress, as usual. Last night we were up ‘late’ getting an alarm system installed. Usually I turn door-to-door salespeople away before they can get half their pitch out, but I guess I was distracted by the iPad he was using to show me the alarm features. I really want one… Actually, we had talked about buying the monitoring service for the alarm system already wired in the house, but we weren’t sure how much it would cost. So when the sales guy started his pitch, I invited him in. We ended up buying the system, well the monitoring anyway, the system was free. Since Ryan will be deployed, and Carson and I are gone so much, we figured it was a good investment. Plus, our insurance company gives a hefty discount for 24-hour monitored systems.

If I had known how long it would take the technician to put in new door sensors and keypads, I probably would have asked him to come the next day. It’s not that it just took forever, but it just happened to be very close to Carson’s bedtime. And, if you’ve ever had an alarm system installed, you know how much noise is involved. First of all, there’s a technician who doesn’t understand the concept of ‘it’s baby’s bedtime voice.’ Moms, you know what I’m talking about–you turn the tv down a little and lower the conversation volume. It’s not that we keep our house silent while Carson sleeps, but hey, I can’t sleep if the tv’s blaring and people are talking loudly. Anyway, in addition to him talking, there’s a power drill drilling holes in the wall to mount the equipment. Doors opening so he can install sensors. But most of all, there’s the beeping. Once he got all the sensors installed, he started checking everything. This involves the wall unit (on the other side of the wall where Carson’s crib is located) beeping a lot, very loudly. Poor Carson was so tired, but try as he might, he just couldn’t sleep. So, I used the opportunity to make another batch of ice cream while Ryan tried to entertain Carson. (Does this make me a bad mom?) Good thing, too, because I think this was my best batch yet. I stuck with plain old vanilla this time, but oh, what a vanilla it is. I ended up finishing the ice cream before the technician left, so I took Carson into the nursery to try and rock him to sleep. Yeah, right. Finally, I heard the technician leave, so I let Carson nurse. Once he’d topped off his tummy, he went right to sleep.

That’s where Ryan and I headed, too. As we were brushing our teeth, I jokingly told Ryan we probably shouldn’t set the alarm at night because he’d forget about it in the mornings and set it off. While I was taking about my contacts, I heard the unit start beeping. I went into the bedroom and found Ryan pushing buttons. “What are you doing?!” I hissed at him. I could almost hear Carson crying now…oh, it would be a long, long night. “I’m setting the alarm,” he casually replied. “NO! You’ll wake Carson up with all that beeping!” I know, I know, we just bought the alarm. Why in the world wouldn’t we use it? Well, we will. But, we’ll set it once we’re in for the night before Carson goes to bed. Anyway, I’m sure you can imagine Ryan’s feeling’s were a little hurt, but don’t fret. I apologized for snapping at him, and he apologized for the smart alec comment he made in return.

So, back to this morning. Usually I wake up to at least two lights on. This morning, I woke to two lights on, and a back door ajar. Way to go, Ryan. Glad we bought an alarm system so you could leave doors open. I pushed it to, and headed in the kitchen to make coffee. As I was making the rounds turning off fans and lights (people who are going green, I’m working on him, but it’s a major work in progress), I heard the most pathetic whine. I went to the back door that had been ajar, and there was poor little Dora, sitting on the deck, looking lost and forlorn. I opened the door, and she shot in like a rocket. She made two full laps at warp speed around the house before she flew onto the dogs’ couch, tail wagging furiously. I reached over to pet her, and her whole back end started wagging just as hard as her tail. She flew off the couch and made another lap around the house. Poor thing. She’d been locked outside since Ryan had left over an hour ago. Guess that explains the open door.


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