He’s Got the Big Boy Poops

Last night we ate dinner sitting at a real table. Not at someone else’s house, or at a restaurant, but in our own house at our very own table! You may be wondering what we ate on this momentous occasion. I fixed Pad Thai for the umpteenth time. Ryan can’t get enough of it, and it only takes fifteen minutes to whip up once the rice noodles have soaked. We like it with Tandoori Naan, which is Indian, but it goes so well with the stir fry, I always grab some when I pick up the ingredients for Pad Thai.

Now that we have a table, I’m dying to have a dinner party. This month’s issue of Food and Wine magazine only adds fuel to this fire. There are some incredible recipes I can’t wait to try. I think I’m going to have to increase my grocery budget… Ryan doesn’t know it yet, but tonight is Jamaican jerk chicken with roasted corn on the cob, black beans, and fried plantains. We’ve been dying to go back to Jamaica ever since we left, but with Ryan’s work schedule, Carson, and my lack of employment, cooking Jamaican is about as close as we get! If I can get Ryan to quit eating my bananas, I’m going to fix banana pudding ice cream. I’d be fixing it tomorrow if he hadn’t eaten the bananas I was trying to ripen. I bought the ripest ones I could find yesterday, but they need to be banana bread ripe, aka, nearly rotten. Unfortunately, Ryan usually cleans me out of bananas before they can have a chance. I bought a few extra, just in case.

Speaking of dining, we tried the rice cereal again. All the books advise against feeding fruits for the first feedings to avoid the baby developing a sweet tooth, but I had bought some applesauce, and I figured a little added to the rice cereal might make it a little more palatable. I only added a demitasse spoonful, but it was enough to renew Carson’s interest. He gobbled up several ounces. Shortly thereafter, I found out one reason people wait to start solid foods: poop. He’d gone a full day without a bowel movement, and even though I know at his age babies start to have fewer bowel movements, I was a little nervous about him going that long without one. But, yesterday morning, when I opened his diaper, expecting a breast milk poop (liquid and seedy), I found cookie dough. Disgusting, I know, but that’s the best way I can think to describe it. Thick, sticky, stinky, and lots of it. As I was busy trying to clean it off his legs, he started pushing out more! That was the one good thing about it. Instead of it shooting out like his previous poops, it oozed out like toothpaste from a tube. I was able to catch it with a wipe before he covered the changing pad. Ten wipes later, Carson finally had a clean bottom and a fresh diaper. I’m almost scared to see the next one.


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