I Think We’ll Wait

Today we get a dining room table! No more eating on the couch, in the floor, or standing up. The chairs are already set up in the dining room, waiting. If something should happen today, and they cancel delivery? I will march right down to Ashley’s and take the display table off their showroom floor. No questions asked. I will have my dining room table.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

As some of you already know, we started Carson on rice cereal while we were in Florida. He was going through a growth spurt, and he was wearing out the ta-tas trying to keep his demands met. I doubted he would take the cereal, but Dad and Mom assured me that Tara and I had eaten rice cereal at Carson’s age, and Tara’s husband said his mother had started him on it at two weeks because he was so hungry. So, we got the video camera out and proceeded to try it. Our first few spoonfuls mostly came right back out, but as he got a taste, he started swallowing more. And soon he was actually opening his mouth for the spoon. Success! Or so I thought. It didn’t take very long for him to realize there was no nipple (bottle or otherwise) involved, and it wasn’t a steady stream of liquid filling his tummy. Soon he was full blown angry. So, we nursed. The next attempt was with Dad at the spoon’s helm. This resulted in a crying baby having rice cereal stuffed into his mouth every time he opened it to belt out another cry. This was going south in a hurry. I decided to hold off on the cereal until we got home.

Sunday afternoon, I whipped up a little rice cereal and managed to get Carson to eat a little. We were making fairly good progress when he suddenly flung up his hand and knocked the bowl out of my hand into the air. Carson got the worst of it. He had breast milk/rice cereal all over him. His adorable shark outfit was soaked in it. I had it all over my legs. It was in the floor, and there was a pool of it in his Bumbo when I picked him up. Never fear, Dexter was standing by to take care of the mess. He went to work on the floor and Bumbo while I took Carson to the bathtub. Monday afternoon, I tried again. This time, I mixed it with formula and made it a little thicker–more like gruel. I also kept the bowl far away from flailing baby hands. It seemed I’d hit the perfect combination. Carson was gobbling the mixture down like a champ–smiling and loving it! He managed to eat most of the two ounces I’d made. I made a mental note of how much formula and cereal I’d used. I was so proud of my little man!

About an hour later, Carson started getting fussy. He acted as if he was a little hungry, so I picked him up to nurse him. I figured the two ounces of cereal hadn’t been enough. He latched right on and nursed for awhile, then suddenly popped off and looked at me. He had a rather miserable look on his little face, so I started to bring him up to burp him. That’s when he opened his mouth and projectile vomited the formula/rice cereal/breast milk from his stomach all over me. It just kept coming. How in the world could such a tiny tummy hold so much liquid? Ryan looked up as I let out a yelp and saw the mess. All I could think to do was go stand in the bathtub. I stripped Carson and myself and gave him a bath while Ryan went to find Carson’s pajamas and a diaper. Carson smiled through the whole bath. I guess he felt better after spewing the rejected goods from his stomach. I took a shower while Ryan dressed him. Well, so much for that. I guess the combination of formula and rice cereal was a little much.

Unfortunately, since that episode, Carson has declined any further attempts at rice cereal feeding. I’m not sure if he prefers the formula/cereal combination taste, or if he now associates it with an upset tummy, but he starts crying the instant the cereal hits his mouth now. I guess we’ll hold off on the rice cereal for awhile.


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