Is Your Nose Running? You’d Better Go Catch It!

It wasn’t a fluke! After sleeping nearly the entire day, I was afraid I’d be up all night last night. At eight o’clock last night, Carson was wide awake, so I braced myself for the inevitable. But, I started the going to bed routine at eight forty-five anyway, and put him down still awake. Fifteen minutes later when I came back to check on him, he was out like a light.

At one-thirty, I tiptoed to his room and peeked through the crack (I was smart and only pulled the door to instead of closing it all the way–lesson learned). He was still sleeping soundly, so I crept back to my room and crawled back into bed. I figured I’d be up again in an hour or two, but when I opened my eyes next, I sat straight up in a panic. It was already light outside! Bear in mind the BMNT (begin morning nautical twilight) starts at five around here, so it was only five-thirty when I woke up. And Carson was still sleeping. Well. After all that rest, I was wide awake, so there was no use going back to sleep. I needed a steaming hot cup of tea. I always crave tea when I’m sick. I plugged my left nostril with a wad of toilet paper to keep from dripping snot everywhere while I caught up on my morning facebook ritual. Yeah, it’s about as stupid-looking as it sounds, but when your nose is just draining, there’s not much else to do. And, for some reason, it’s only my left nostril. Weird.

Anyway, Carson woke at six in a fairly decent mood, and I made sure to tell him how proud I was that he was sleeping through the night. He responded with, “you’re welcome.” Or, at least, that’s what I heard out of, “ack, aiiiii, gaa, glub.”


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