Catching Colds

So, unfortunately, as it turns out, Carson sleeping through the night was more than likely a fluke. Granted, we’ll see how it goes these next few nights, but given today’s events, I have a feeling tonight will be back to normal.

I’ve had a sore throat nagging me for a couple of days, and before that started, I was feeling pretty exhausted. Put the two together, like I failed to do at first, and anyone with half a brain could see I was coming down with something. I thought the exhaustion was from lack of sleep, and I chalked the sore throat up to allergies (which I don’t really have). And I dismissed the phlegm I hacked up this morning to normal sinus activity. But, when Carson slept through the night, then through the entire day today, I started to wonder. Then, I talked to my sister this evening. Come to find out the hacking cough my mom blamed on the pollen was contagious. She’d given it to my dad, my sister, my brother-in-law, and apparently me. I guess it just took a little while to get going in my case. It was only then I realized that Carson was most likely in the exhaustion phase, and my guess is tomorrow will bring a sore throat for the little man. I sure hope not. And, I dread having to nurse a baby who can’t breathe through his nose. My only hope is that I’ll produce antibodies quickly enough to pass on to Carson so that his system can fight it before it takes hold.

In the meantime, I’ve had to cancel dinner plans with one of the other wives tomorrow night. The one social outing in nearly three weeks, and I get sick the day before. Murphy strikes again.


One comment

  1. Sarah · May 26, 2010

    we’ll have dinner the four of us (well, six – I guess the kids count lol) when you’re feeling better and Ryan’s back in town : )

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