Watch Your Step-Wet Cement

I didn’t think I was going to have anything to blog about today. All I really did was get Carson enrolled in Child and Youth Services so we could get on the daycare wait list. Yeah, there’s a wait list. But at least we’re on it. Anyway, after that, we took a nap, I did some housework, and figured it would be an easy night. Carson fussed for a little while, but after a bath, I put him in his swing, and he went right out. Well, first I made sure he wasn’t hungry. And that was my first mistake.

Dora was bouncing around the house begging to go out, but the construction workers were smoothing wet concrete across the street, so I figured I’d better keep an eye on her. I let her out and stepped out to make sure she didn’t run straight into the wet cement. Of course she ran straight for the potential dog petters. I started yelling at her, and they started trying to shoo her away. I told them I thought she just wanted to be pet, but that we needed to watch her. At the same time, the contractor was sitting in his truck in the middle of the street in front of my driveway, probably wondering why the heck I let my dog loose out the front door with a freshly poured driveway. It was at that time I happened to glance down and notice that after nursing Carson that last time I hadn’t pulled my dress strap back up on my shoulder. Thankfully I had reclasped my nursing bra, but here I was, standing barefoot in a little spaghetti strap sundress with one boob hanging out. Seriously. Mortified as I was, I quickly threw the strap back on my shoulder and tried to pretend I hadn’t just walked outside and carried on a conversation half dressed. I managed to get Dora back in the house, and I hoped they’d leave soon.

But, no sooner did we get back in the house before Dora started dancing around again. She really looked like she needed to pee, so finally I went out with her again. Since she took off down the street, I thought maybe she’d just go play with the dogs down the street. I didn’t want to leave Carson alone in the house, so I asked the guys how long it they’d be hanging around. They said they’d be around for an hour, and after they left she wouldn’t be able to damage it. So, I let her stay outside, and I went back in the house. I had strawberry homemade ice cream churning in the electric ice cream maker that Dad bought for me, and I was just scooping the last bit out to eat when the doorbell rang. I got a bad feeling. Sure enough, one of the construction workers had Dora in his arms. I said, “Please tell me she did not get in the concrete.” “Uh, yes ma’am, she did. You need to wash her feet off so it doesn’t hurt her paws.” I apologized and took Dora straight to the bath tub. She must have realized what a bad thing she’d done, because she sat as still as a stone through the whole process. In the meantime, my waiting ice cream was a melted pool of cream when I came back.

Sigh, at least it’s never a dull day around here!


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