This Is The Day That Never Ends…

This blog has been in draft status for awhile. Thought I’d finish it today.

Carson and I are back at home after nearly a week long visit with family back in Arkansas. Although we had fun, and we always love seeing family, it’s good to be back to a quiet house and a regular schedule. However, we had plenty of adventures while we were traveling…

Luckily, our drive was uneventful. Traveling with babies is not for the faint-hearted, but Carson is so good, he makes it pretty easy. After a late start, we hit the road ready to see Papaw and Meme (Smith side). We stopped somewhere in Tennessee for our first feeding at our favorite spot: an empty hotel parking lot. We made all the way to Waldenburg before we had to nurse again. Unfortunately, there are no hotels in the blink-or-you’ll-miss-it town of Waldenburg, but there is a church. And, since church doesn’t meet on Thursday afternoons, we found a shady parking spot and some privacy for our nursing session. We finally made it home around dinner time; I was glad to see the house.

We spent a day visiting family and doing some local shopping–nothing too exciting, really. Carson got to meet his great grandpa and grandma for the first time, though.

It was the next day, however, that brought our first real adventure. A shopping trip with mom and Tara. This was our first real all-day excursion, and it was almost enough to make me quit breastfeeding. Whoever said breastfeeding is more convenient than formula feeding has never tried to shop and nurse a five and a half week old. Nursing and walking is not our strong point. Neither is remaining covered with a too short nursing cover and non-nursing top. Sigh. Where should I begin?

We got off to a late start. We’ve had a lot of those since Carson was born. You can only move so fast on so few hours of sleep and an every three hour nursing schedule. Anyway, after a quick breakfast/snack stop for me and Tara at McD’s, we decided to hit Kohl’s in Sherwood first. It seemed like a good idea for our first nursing/shopping experience since it would be quiet and light on the number of men. Good idea? Probably not, but I guess you have to start somewhere. My first mistake was wearing two t-shirts instead of a nursing top. When we pulled into the parking spot, mom promptly announced she had to use the bathroom first. This after a thirty minute trip from home. You get used to it. Tara needed to go, too, but she has an excuse–she’s pregnant. Anyway, the plan was to get Carson started nursing, get me covered, and head into the store. That was the plan. But, as you all know, the best made plans are often laid to waste. Instead of hanging around to help carry diaper bags and purses and provide shielding until I could get situated, Mom made a beeline for the door leaving Tara and me to handle the rest. We decided she lost grandma points on that deal. After some pulling and stretching on the t-shirts and rearranging of the cheap nursing cover I had purchased, Tara finally declared I was covered enough to enter. By the time we made it to the front door, however, shirts were riding up in the back, and the cover was riding down in the front. As hungry as Carson was, he wasn’t helping the situation, either. He was not happy under the hot coverlet and the bumpy ride, so he kept popping off the breast. Meanwhile Tara kept tugging at my t-shirt and the coverlet to keep us covered. Carson and I were both getting frustrated. Too bad this was only the beginning. Somehow Carson managed to get enough to satiate him for the time being, and I bought a shirt that had a stretchy neckline so I could nurse without exposing my whole lower half. Lunch was a welcome break–if you haven’t tried Copeland’s in West Little Rock (off Financial Center Pkwy), you’re missing fairly good New Orleans cuisine and AMAZING cheesecake. Carson was kind enough to sleep through lunch, but I was miserable, and so I woke him.

The ride to Babies r Us was just through the parking lot, so I tried to get him started nursing while Tara drove. At least this time I had my lower half covered, but once again, he kept popping off, and I couldn’t see what was going on. I needed a complete additional set of hands. Finally, I decided I didn’t care, and I focused on getting Carson latched, not worrying about being covered. Tara and Mom were incensed. Both of them threw a fit, trying to cover me while I was trying to get Carson latched. Somehow I managed, and they made me decent according to their standards. I needed to buy several items while we were here, so I tried to shop and nurse, but the situation was quickly deteriorating. Meanwhile, Mom and Tara had left me to go do their own shopping. It was only after I had worked my way to the back of the store that I noticed the sign for the Mommy room. FINALLY! A store that gets it!! I opened the door and was so happy to see a glider, couch, and a changing table. I sat down to finish nursing Carson. Just as I got him latched on, I heard a knock on the door. A mom with a nine month old asked if I minded if she changed her son’s diaper. While she changed him, we chatted about the usual things new moms chat about. She told me she had been breastfeeding going on nine months, and she encouraged me to keep going. I felt better after talking to her. Thanks anonymous mommy. Of course as soon as Carson finished feeding, he needed a diaper change, so I got going on that. While I was busy cleaning his poop-covered bottom, he did something he hadn’t done in awhile (so my guard was down). Luckily, I noticed the yellow stream as it began its spray upwards. I let out a squeak and clapped my hand down to stem the flow. With my other hand, I reached for the diaper wipe I had handy and put it under my hand. When it felt like he had stopped, I resumed the diaper change. But, I guess my little squeak startled him into stopping, because he let loose with another stream of pee that soaked him, the changing pad, and his clothes. What else could I do but laugh?


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