The Gang’s All Here

Since we signed the lease early on a Friday afternoon, we were pretty psyched about spending the night in our new place and getting out of lodging. No, we didn’t have our stuff, but hey, being an Army couple, we’d slept on much worse than a carpeted floor, and Carson had his sleeper, so he could sleep anywhere. We called the electric co-op and the electricity was turned on before we got to our house from the realty. The next step was getting water turned on, so I called the utility listed on the rental information flyer. It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so I was confused when the automated recording told me to call back during regular business hours (which were dictated by the automated recording as M-F, 9-5). Finally, Ryan decided to head over there. When he got to the front door, he figured out pretty quickly why I kept getting the machine: the office was closed for ‘training’ on Good Friday. Hmm.. Does that seem suspicious to anyone else? Closed for training the day before a holiday weekend? Yeah, we thought so, too.

Sigh. Back to lodging we went. It was another fitful night for all of us, as Carson was a little more than reluctant to fall asleep. Oh, we tried everything: Mylicon drops, rocking, feeding, rocking, feeding, yeah, it was a little stressful. Not to mention, we were sneaking the dogs into lodging since they didn’t allow pets and it was too late to find a kennel for them. Of course, that was also a little funny, as well. For the most part, we could just walk them in when no one was around, but then we ended up with a room right next to the ‘grab n go’ breakfast, so one morning we stuffed the dogs one at a time into Ryan’s backpack, and he carried them out (no dogs were harmed in this process–Dora even seemed to like it). However, by Saturday afternoon, I had a wave of genius. Uh, hello, we have a two car garage. The dogs can stay in there at night! Sneaking in problem solved. Wish Carson’s crying was that easy to fix.

So, after spending another three nights in lodging, it was finally Monday, and our household goods were scheduled to arrive! The only problem was, one of us had to be present for their arrival, and Ryan had to sign in at his unit. That left me and Carson to handle the movers, make phone calls, and still nurse. I thought it was difficult nursing when the packers were present. Ha! That was child’s play compared to this. I ended up nursing Carson while sitting on the toilet in the guest bath. Meanwhile, periodically one of them would yell, “Hey, ma’am, where do you want this to go?” Hm. Let me take a look at it with my x-ray vision through the bathroom door. “Uh, what is it?” “It’s a box marked kitchen stuff.” “Put that in the kitchen.” They weren’t really that dumb, but they did ask a few stupid questions.

Luckily Ryan came home early, and the movers finished quickly. At nine o’clock I had called the water company, where I was told we would have to come to the office to get the water turned on in person. I made sure to ask her if they were planning on closing for any more training that day. So, Ryan took off to get the water turned on. When he got there, he was informed they don’t provide water for our area (our address is Oak Grove, but we live in Hopkinsville city limits). All this time we could have had water if we had known. Guess there’s no use crying over spilled milk, but jeez.

Around noon, the DirecTV guy called to say he was enroute, and a few minutes later the realtor called to remind us she was coming through for the walk-through at one. Of course, both of them showed up within five minutes of each other the same time Carson decided to pitch a crying fit. So, as they all waded through the sea of head-high boxes, I tried to console Carson while simultaneously answering questions. Isn’t mommyhood fun? Needless to say, I was glad to see Monday go. But then it was time to unpack…


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