Packing, Day 1

The movers are here today. Guess this is a good time to update the ol’ blog. We’ll start with the movers, actually. They got here right at 0900. Not bad for contract civilians. However, they definitely aren’t moving with a purpose now that they’ve actually started. I’d be willing to bet they get paid by the hour. I don’t suppose I should complain, though. They are packing all our stuff, which means I don’t have to pack it.

Enough about the movers though. I know all you guys really care about is a Carson update. If his feeding habits are any indication, he’s growing like a weed. I barely get a break between feedings these days it seems, and we’re changing 15 diapers a day. Does it ever slow down any?

Back to the movers, but just for a second. Breastfeeding while your house is full of movers is darn near impossible. There’s a woman in the nursery packing up all the books, so that room is out. The two gentlemen are downstairs, so I sat on a footstool in the bedroom facing the wall. Not the most comfortable position, but it got the job done, and Carson’s back to sleeping like, well, a baby!

So far, things have been going really well, despite the fact that we’re in the process of moving in 5 business days and have no place to move to. Carson’s been sleeping every night in his crib, so I’m sleeping better. He does a great job of letting me know when he’s got a wet diaper and that he’s hungry. I’ve only had to wash his sheet twice. Ryan was convinced I’m fastening his diaper too tightly, so he’s been giving Carson some “room” to breathe. This leads to pee all over Carson and the sheet beneath him. Don’t worry, I had a discussion about it with Ryan at 0315 after I changed Carson’s diaper, pajamas, and the crib sheet. The only issue we’ve really been having is either constipation or gas. I can’t figure out which one. Carson grunts and cries and acts like he’s struggling with a bowel movement, but he’s not getting much, if anything, out. But, then, in between all that, we get normal poops without all the fuss. He’s making plenty of wet and poopy diapers, so I have no clue. What to Expect: The First Year isn’t quite the instruction manual that the Pregnancy version was.

The good news is we’re getting the hang of changing diapers quickly enough to avoid the fountain. Ryan got one yesterday, but he’s quicker on the draw now, and he caught it before it sprayed Carson in the face. Unfortunately, he didn’t use a pee-pee tee-pee, so we still had to change Carson’s outfit. Ryan’s still convinced the tee-pees are worthless because they don’t hold themselves on. I say, if it soaks up all the pee before it spills onto Carson, I’ll hold it on there somehow!

We’ve been trying out the different swings/carriers that we’ve inherited this week. The Boppy isn’t one of his favorites. I figured the vibration would ease his tummy, help alleviate the gas, but for some reason, Carson’s not a big fan. So, we tried the swing. Magic! He loves the swinging action, and will sleep for hours in it. Unfortunately, the batteries have run out, and there’s too much chaos in the house to get those changed. Luckily, he still loves his Rock n Sleep. If it would only rock itself… My only concern with the Rock n Sleep is that Carson sleeps with his head cocked to the right at the oddest angle. I suppose it works for him, but I can’t imagine sleeping like that without getting a crick in my neck, and I worry about his development. Yesterday he slept in a better position, but today he’s back to the nearly 90 degree angle.

About every thirty minutes, I suddenly remember something that doesn’t need to be packed or needs to get done. I almost let them pack the diaper genie without emptying all the dirty diapers. That would have been disgusting, I’m sure. Just now I realized my power of attorney was laying in a stack of packable items, and I’ll need that when I get to Campbell. I did find out that I can get us signed up for housing without Ryan, so hopefully I will have a house for us by the time he gets there. I’m planning on heading to Campbell early Wednesday morning, but Ryan has a lot of errands to run, and someone has to be here to sign off on the household goods, so we’ll see if that happens. I’m sure dreading the drive with a three week old baby. Ryan will bring the dogs when he comes, so that makes it a little easier on me. Still…

So, it’s nearly 11, and so far the guy in the living room with me has managed to get the DVDs, a few pictures, the Blu-Ray player, and the surround sound system packed. And, just now, I heard a large crash from upstairs. I don’t want to know. It’s still worth it not having to pack and move ourselves. They’ll replace anything they break, and it’s all just stuff.


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