Sun, Lawnchairs, and Hot Dogs on the Grill in February

This weekend has brought glorious weather to Georgia, and Ryan, the weiners, and I have made the most of it. Yesterday, Ryan caught a break from staff duty for a few hours, so we loaded up the dogs and headed out in search of Twilight Pond. Ryan’s been looking for a good place to fish since we got here last spring without much luck. Turns out Twilight Pond is darn near the size of a small lake, and there was not a soul in sight on the sunny, 67 degree Saturday afternoon. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen happier dogs! Dexter and Dora ran and explored and kicked up their heels like only weiner dogs can do. Meanwhile, I walked around part of the lake and discovered picnic tables and grills. While I was wandering around, Ryan caught 5 bass, so he was pretty excited about the possibility of a new fishing hole. We quickly decided we’d come back Sunday afternoon and bring the materials for a good picnic.

Since Ryan had to go back to staff duty that evening, the weiners and I had the night to ourselves. In other words, it was a very boring evening. The dogs slept like the dead after their exciting exploration around the pond, so I had no entertainment other than watching Carson move in my belly. Which, admittedly, is rather entertaining at this point.

Sunday morning I was wide awake by 6 am, but Ryan wouldn’t be home until at least 9, so I got up, cleaned the kitchen, and decided to whip up some gourmet pancakes. I wanted to try something I’d seen on a Bobby Flay challenge, so I whipped up a couple of egg whites into meringue (by hand, no less; my forearm is still burning) and folded them into my secret pancake batter recipe. They truly were the lightest, fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever made (or eaten, for that matter), but I honestly think I prefer a more cake-like pancake. You never know til you try though. Ryan liked them. After he ate breakfast, both of us went to bed for a nap. I didn’t sleep much last night (surprise, surprise–something about a baby moving around and uncomfortable uterine contractions), and Ryan didn’t sleep at all, so we were both pretty tired. I woke up at 1045, ready to get moving, but Ryan was still zonked, so I went downstairs to get started on a Honey-Do list. I think he sub-consciously realized what was going on, because he came down the stairs before I could finish it. While he loaded the truck, I packed the food, plates, and utensils. We got to Twilight Pond around 1230, and lucky for us, the picnic area was empty, so we set up camp. Of course, I was starving and wanted to get cooking immediately. Since Ryan wasn’t moving fast enough for me, I took over his job, pouring the charcoal briquets into the grill…it was at that point I asked, “Honey, did you remember to grab matches when you got charcoal?” Ryan laughed at me, and said, “Woman, I am man. I can make fire.” This I had to see. His bright idea was to use the cigarette lighter in his truck to catch the briquet bag on fire, then use that to light the briquets. Unfortunately, and rather typical, the lighter didn’t work. So, he drove around the pond to ask some other visitors for matches. Meanwhile, I took lots of pictures of the dogs having a blast exploring and playing in the water. Luckily, Ryan returned successful, and he soon had a roaring fire blazing in the grill. While we waited for the charcoal to cook down, Ryan grabbed his fishing pole, and I grabbed my camera. Dexter and Dora, of course were more than happy to model for the camera. At least, if playing in the water and chasing each other around can be called modeling. Amazingly enough, the rest of our picnic went without any other incidents; although, Ryan didn’t catch any fish this day. We finally packed it up when I ran out of water, my feet started to swell, and I noticed I was getting a little too much sun on my arms. All in all, it was a great day. Who would’ve thought that we’d be getting hot and sunburned only a couple of weeks after being snowed in?


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