Countdown: 4 Weeks Left

The sun is shining, the dishes are done, Facebook is updated, and I’ve got my coffee beside me. Sigh, good times. I guess there won’t be too many more days like this, though. My guess is that I’ll be lucky if the dishes get done once a week, and Facebook gets updated once a month. The coffee, though, that’ll happen.

So, I had my final progesterone injection yesterday, hallelujah. That was my thought yesterday all day. It seemed like every one hurt worse than the last. Yesterday’s felt like I was getting stung by a wasp and sitting on a cookie sheet straight out of the oven. Yeah, they’re that painful. Carson’s going to be grounded for about the first six months of his life… And when he’s fifteen, I’m going to bring all this up again every time he gives me grief.

I’m over halfway through with the 40 4-round squares I need for Carson’s blanket. Since Ryan has staff duty for the next 24 hours, I’m hoping I’ll finish at least another 8-12 today. After these, it’s only another 30 something more squares (of course, they get progressively larger), and then I get to sew them all together, kinda like a patchwork quilt. There are skeins of yarn and crocheted squares all over the living room right now!

Actually, our whole house is a giant mess. I have the urge to clean, but about all I can get done is sweeping the floor or doing the dishes before I’m exhausted. Mom suggested doing one thing a day, but for some reason, when I get one thing done, more piles up. About the only thing that stays consistently caught up on is the laundry–Ryan is pretty good about tossing dirty clothes into the washer (though he does forget to put them in the dryer quite often), and I don’t mind folding the laundry, as long as he puts it up. So, we have pretty good teamwork going there. Really, the stuff I want to get done is the stuff that would wear me out even if I wasn’t pregnant. I’m pretty sure we have black mold growing in some of our air vents (apparently that’s a problem in a lot of older army housing–our friends down the street had it, as did their neighbors, and our friends in Ft. Hood have it, too). But, I’m pretty sure standing on a ladder and using bleach to clean mold is out of the question for someone in my condition… Poor Ryan will have to do it; I’m not bringing Carson home to a house filled with mold.


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