Really Quick

For those of you who don’t know, progesterone injections really hurt. And they itch. I’m not sure if I’m more excited about getting to see Carson or quit taking the injections. The only thing that relieves the pain is an oversized Thermacare back/hip wrap. Until I can get home and get one of those on, though, it’s like repeatedly being stung by a wasp. Since I’m 34 weeks today, I still have 2 more injections to go. Makes my weekly doctor’s visit dreadful.

On the bright side, we got snow here in Georgia yesterday! Not the snowmaggedeon like you guys back in Arkansas, but I’d estimate 2 inches or so. Made the roads a little slushy but not slick, and covered everything in gorgeous white fluffy flakes. The dogs loved it. We took them to the dog park to run around and ended up having to drag them out even though they were obviously freezing. Their jackets were soaked, and they were shivering uncontrollably, but they couldn’t get enough! I wish we’d had the video camera charged. Must remember to keep that thing on standby when Carson comes along…

Valentine’s day is awesome when you’re married. After spending a couple of days deliberating about what to get each other, I finally had an epiphany. Instead of buying two gifts, and trying to surprise each other, we decided just to go pick out a really nice set of sheets. So, we’re headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond after lunch to buy a little slice of luxury. It really is the little things in life…

Meanwhile, Carson’s blanket is slowly making progress. I’ve only got 8 more 2 round squares to make. Then it’s on to 40 4 round squares! I’m hoping those will actually go faster since there’s not as much starting and stopping.


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