Need a Housekeeper

Ugh.  I feel big and cumbersome. Getting up off the couch, out of the bed, out of the car is a daunting task now. Yesterday my girth measured 38″ (from 26″ pre-pregnancy), and I’m pretty sure it’s grown an inch overnight. Carson’s got his feet in my stomach and gall bladder, so that’s fun. And, somehow, his butt is on top of my lower right ribs, so that’s not terribly comfortable either. Pregnancy is so much fun!

Yesterday we had an ultrasound recheck, and the high risk doctor was happy with Carson’s progress. She said I would probably go past my due date now. I think she was joking. I hope she was joking. She had to be joking, right?? Carson measured at 4 lbs 3 oz, but the technician said he’s probably actually bigger than that. She had trouble getting his head measurements because he keeps his head so far down into my pelvis. We’ll have one more ultrasound in 4 weeks to check his growth. In 4 weeks I may be begging them to induce me! I can’t imagine how anyone could not be on bed rest at this point! Granted, I’m pretty much not on bed rest anymore. I do spend most of my time on the couch, but I do laundry, cook, and do very light amounts of housework. Since both my doctors are happy with everything, and I’m not having contractions, I’m pretty sure we’re out of the woods. Even still, it’s pretty easy to get worn out at this point!

I haven’t made much progress on Carson’s blanket. I don’t think I’ll make another blanket with lots of squares. It’s much more fun to make continual progress on a blanket without having to start and stop a bunch of times. At least once I finish the 50 little squares, the bigger squares should be more fun. In the meantime, I’ve made a beanie for a friend’s baby, and I’m excited to make a couple more for Tara’s baby and Carson. I can make one in about 2 hours or less, and they’re super cute. My coffee table looks like a grandma’s project table. Piles of yarn and granny squares cover the entire surface!

The dogs are finally resigned to the fact that their bed is now in the floor and not in the giant, comfy bed that mom and dad sleep in. Now when we say let’s go to bed, they run straight to their bed instead of trying to jump into ours. Ryan and I miss snuggling with the dogs in the morning (Dora especially likes to lay on her back like a baby between us in the mornings), but I think we’ll enjoy cuddling with Carson even more without two jealous weiner dogs trying to butt in! I’ve already been getting them used to not laying in my lap all the time. I think it’s harder on me than the dogs!

As I type this, Carson is balled up on my right side with his butt in my right lung. In a few more weeks if he tries this, I’ll have to stand up to breathe!

The other day I had my first brush with nesting. I woke up one morning and suddenly felt the urge to completely rearrange the furniture in the living room. I tried to convince Ryan to help me, but he just looked at me like I was crazy. With our furniture and the size of the living room, there’s really only one layout that works. That didn’t stop the overwhelming urge to move furniture! Don’t worry, I didn’t move any furniture. It just drove me crazy most of the morning. I did get up and sweep the downstairs though. I would really like to give the house a thorough cleaning, but I guess that will have to either be done by Ryan or wait until Carson gets here. I guess I’ll have to settle for doing dishes and laundry. Never thought I’d say that…


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