Benefiber, prune juice, and coffee

Well, we’ve made it to week 33! I’ve got all the countdowns in my head: 1 more week until Carson is out of the woods, 4 weeks until he’s full term, and 7 weeks until my due date! I was shooting for 38-39 weeks, but since my doctor told me he was going to be gone until the 22nd of March, we’re now shooting for the due date! I know doctors have to leave some time, but I just think it would be better if he was gone during the end of someone else’s pregnancy instead of mine! 🙂 Yes, I said that out loud.

So, we’re getting near the end of the happy pregnancy. I’m still in good spirits, but I’ve been assured that won’t last much longer. I’m already getting used to the fact that I’m only getting 4-6 hours of sleep every night. Between Carson moving, me getting up to pee, a heavy belly causing back pain, and Ryan taking over the bed, there’s not much I can do. I did have the dogs to contend with (they like sleeping snuggled right up to me), but last night we moved them into their new bed in the floor. I couldn’t believe how well they did considering they’ve never not slept with us if we were around. Dexter did really well at first, and Dora had trouble wrapping her head around it–she went from my side to Ryan’s giving us the sad puppy face to make sure we knew what we were doing. But once she got it, she spent the rest of the night in her bed. I guess Dexter thought we were joking though. He got up several times during the night and cried a little to see if we’d give up and let him in the bed. Not a chance, buddy. We’re not going to let Carson sleep in the bed with us either, but I will be breastfeeding in the bed in the middle of the night, and I don’t want the dogs in the bed for that.

Meanwhile, the constipation thing is about under control. As long as I stay diligent with the benefiber, and have a cup of coffee every other day or so, things move along great, so to speak. However, to stay on the safe side, I take a shot of prune juice a couple of times a day as well. I found some that actually tastes pretty decent. Since I’m the only one drinking it, I just swig it right out of the bottle…can you picture it? Big bellied pregnant woman standing at the fridge gulping prune juice out of the bottle…should be  a commercial. Also, for a little self-entertainment, I’ve been sneaking benefiber into Ryan’s food/drink as well. Just a little, here and there, but I guess it’s working. This morning he went for a run; about 35 minutes later, he came bursting through the door and ran straight into the downstairs bathroom. Several minutes later he came out and said, “do not go in there for a long time.” Hehe, he said he didn’t think he was going to make it back in time. He was thinking about ducking behind a bush in the field grade officers’ housing! I told him it would have made good headlines… I’ll tell him about the benefiber next week. Please! It’s harmless–just a little extra fiber in his diet! I got the idea from my sister anyway. Tara gave Tyler a heaping dose one day and left him incapacitated on the toilet most of the day! Good clean fun.

I’m still working on Carson’s blanket. I’m starting with the 50 2 round squares. You’d think that a little 4 inch square wouldn’t take too long, but it’s taken me two days to make 21 of them! Then I still have to make the three, four, six, eight, and twelve round squares! Luckily, the bigger they are, the fewer of them I have to make, and the color changes are less frequent, but still…this blanket’s probably going to take me til the end of the pregnancy. With Ryan on 24 hour staff duty, I’ll have plenty of time to work on it though.  I just hope it turns out as pretty as I’m picturing it.


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