Baby Blanket Making Machine

A busy little bee I have been! I’ve had fleeting thoughts of opening my own afghan business. That is until I saw some of the blankets that the pros turn out. Nevermind that idea! I have now finished two complete blankets. Both of them are gifts for other people, and I can’t wait until I give them away so I can post pictures! It’s hard keeping surprises… I’ve got another a little over 1/3 complete for my niece, Shayla, but since her birthday is right after Christmas, I’m holding off finishing that one so I can finish blankets that need to be done now. My next project is a Babette blanket for Carson. I’ve spent the entire morning planning it, and I’m going to start on it after I post this blog. I’ve never seen a Babette before today; I was googling blanket patterns and came across it. Google Babette crochet or Babette blanket to get an idea. I’m using the colors of his nursery: sunrise yellow, ivory, tan, soft green, and brown. I’m pretty excited about it.

Yesterday was our first day on the monitor since we left the hospital. I stay busy running back and forth for visits: twice weekly monitoring, weekly doctor’s appointments, and the occasional ultrasound recheck. This week alone I have three visits, next week I’ll have three again, with an ultrasound. Carson and I are making the most of our insurance plan! Again, I digress (I do that a lot lately). Yesterday’s monitoring ended after only thirty minutes because Carson did so very well. His heart rate stayed in the 140s to 160s, spiking into the 170s with excellent variability and movement. It was probably his best one yet. Even still I was surprised they let me go so quickly. Surprised, but definitely happy.

I’ve been moving around a little more than before. I’m sticking to the ‘mostly on the couch’ routine, but I’m now cooking one meal a day. It made me a little nervous at first, but I let Ryan do the dishes, and I’m not cooking anything that requires a lot of standing around, so it’s not too bad. And, after our monitor strip yesterday, I’d say the additional time on my feet has made Carson happy as well. I’m looking forward to week 37 when I can get up and move around freely. I want to take the dogs for a walk! The longest Ryan will walk them is around the block. Poor Dora’s going stir crazy (as am I). We took them to the dog park (I sit on the benches) the other day, but all the big dogs slobber all over Dora, and she ends up just sitting in my lap. Not sure why all the big, slobbery dogs want to play with her so bad, but it’s funny watching her flop onto her back when they come near!

Ryan and I went to Church this past Sunday for the first time since I’ve been on bed rest. I think we’ve found one we like. The service is a little more contemporary than I’m used to, but it’s nice. The service is also a little longer than I’m used to, but again, I like it. Most of it is music worship, which is always my favorite part. The people are super nice–several of them came up and talked to us. One even offered to pick up our tickets for the spaghetti supper after the service (we didn’t attend; I needed to get back to bed rest). We’ll definitely go back.

The weather’s turning a little cooler down here. Every other day we have sunshine (does wonders for my mood). I say it’s cooler down here, but since it’s only in the lower 40s, I suppose it doesn’t compare much to what it’s like back home. I wish I could have been home for the snow!

I know this blog is a little boring. A little may be exaggerating–this one is dullsville. But since the only things I do are crochet, pee, eat, sleep, and go to the doctor, I’m at a loss for entertainment! Hopefully the next blog will be a better read…


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