It’s Only Getting Bigger From Here

Well, my butt is numb from sitting in the computer chair so long, but all the ultrasound and belly pictures have successfully been uploaded to Facebook.

We’re at 32 weeks and counting, so I’ve got anywhere from 5-8 weeks left. It’s getting down to the wire now! Now I’m almost wishing for more time on bedrest so I can crank out more baby blankets! I can’t wait to finish the two I have going right now. They’re surprises for people, so I won’t describe them, but as soon as they’re finished, I’ll post pictures. I say that, but I still haven’t taken a picture of Carson’s blanket yet! I will.

Now that I’m out of the hospital, I’m trying to avoid paranoia. I get nervous and start poking Carson when I haven’t felt him move in an hour. Bless his heart, he’s going to come out with fingerprint indentions! He still likes the right side, but now that the top of my uterus is well above the bottom of my ribs, he’s kind of lodged halfway under my ribcage on the right side with his feet (I think) in my gallbladder/stomach. This tends to get a little uncomfortable. At least he’s not able to get any momentum built up for really big kicks in this position–that could be painful! He’s very nearly out of room, and my abdomen is starting to really grow! All my shirts have some sort of stain down the front from catching food spills. I don’t remember having this much trouble getting food/drink  into my mouth before I got pregnant! Maybe I need to start wearing a bib…


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