Baby Clothes and Maternity Woes

Somebody stop me! Thank goodness I’m not working right now, because if I had disposable income, I would be shopping like crazy. Have you seen the adorable baby clothes at Baby Gap online?? I have so far successfully restrained myself, but it’s not been easy. They have  a set of overalls that match a pair that my Dad had when he was a baby–the vintage railroad overalls!! Adorable. Carson is definitely getting a pair.

Yesterday was probably the most uncomfortable day I’ve ever had. And will probably stay that way until Carson’s birth day (no worries, I’ve no doubt that day will be beyond uncomfortable). Yeah, I had a little constipation in the first trimester. Ha! Child’s play! I’ll spare you the gory details, but here’s what I had to ingest to get things moving: previous night-fiber bar, breakfast yesterday morning-coffee (the real stuff, not the decaf), mid-morning-serving of benefiber and milk of magnesia, lunch-another serving of benefiber. After lunch I took a walk with no success, and around 1:30pm, one of the nurses suggested warm prune juice and raisin bran. I shotgunned the prune juice (about the only way you can get that stuff down; if you think it’s bad cold, try it warm, EWWW) and downed the raisin bran. By this time, I’d taken 4 unsuccessful trips to the toilet. Finally, about an hour after the prune juice, I got a feeling this might be the moment. Forty-five minutes later, I emerged exhausted but triumphant. I told Dad everything I had yesterday, and his response was, “Courtney, you’ll plaster the walls!!” However, that didn’t stop me from downing more warm prune juice and raisin bran last night for a bedtime snack and a dose of benefiber with my coffee this morning. We are NOT going down the road of constipation ever again. And after all that? Right before I went to sleep, I sneezed…and peed my pants. Ah, motherhood.

I’ve been granted wheelchair privileges in addition to my walking privileges so that I “don’t go crazy” (my doctor’s words) confined in this room. So the past two nights, Ryan has taken me out and about around the hospital. The first night, I got a tour of almost every floor. Last night, though, since we’d already toured the inside, Ryan decided I should see the outside. So, here we go, rolling down the in a wheelchair with a blanket over my lap. Although no one said anything to us, we got some pretty strange looks! We stopped and sat at the waterfall for awhile–what a nice change of scenery! And then…well, you’d have to see the hospital campus to understand, but it’s a pretty big campus, and there’s construction going on to boot. Ryan decided we were going to continue the lap instead of coming back the way we came. The sidewalk does not continue due to construction. So here we go, rolling through a parking lot, under the safety chain fence, and out into the street. The whole time, I’m protesting, but Ryan is determined. When we get to the corner, he’s expecting a sidewalk to appear. No such luck. However, this does not deter him, and he’s about to take me along the main 4-lane street! Finally I put my feet down (literally). He gave in, but not without protest! I’m a little worried where we’ll go tonight…downtown Columbus isn’t too far away.


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