Send Me Back to the Second Trimester

Well, 30 weeks down, 9 weeks, 6 days to go. Of course, I’m hoping more for 7 weeks to go, but I’m going with the flow.

So now we have this wonderful new sensation called: sciatica. For those of you who’ve never experienced the joy of this phenomenon, let me describe it for you. It ranges from a numbing/tingling/streaking pain sensation running down your leg to a sharp, shooting pain reverberating through one side of your lower back. I’m not exactly sure which one is worse. Right now we’ve got the shooting pain reverberating through the left side of my lower back, and that whole business of “just change positions; once the baby moves off your sciatic nerve, the pain will dissipate” is a bunch of malarky. Add that  in with Braxton-Hicks contractions, “your uterus is getting ready for the big day! Think of these as practice contractions,” and you get a wonderful, fun-filled day of sunshine. Did I mention it’s raining outside and has been for 48 hours? Oh, and let us not forget round ligament pain!! Feels kinda like somebody’s got ahold of your underwear and is pulling one of the legs too tight around your hip crease. Only when you go to adjust, that’s not the case! Seriously, I’m writing a book.

On the bright side, Carson’s moving around so much it’s like having my own personal carnival freak show under my PJ top. Haha, given my condition, I guess you’d call that the big top. Now, instead of just feeling Carson moving around, I can sit and watch him move and try to guess the various body parts that are jabbing, poking, and sliding across my stretched out abdomen. We’re getting good monitor strips on him every time now. I told the nurses he can’t run away from the sensors anymore–he’s out of room! He sure tries to kick them off though! I wish I could record it and post it on here: thump-thump-thump-thump-thump-BAM-BAM-thump-thump-BAM, and on, and on. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to do that.

After 2 glorious nights of sleep without loud neighbors, they came back with a vengeance last night. As far as I can tell, loud neighbor was released one day, but returned yesterday. Luckily, my nurse came in to check my vitals at 11:32 (yeah, I noted the time), and heard the racket going on next door. And I love her for this: she promptly walked out of my room, asked one of the nurses at the desk if those were her patients and if she minded if my nurse went in to tell them to keep it down; then she walked in there and told them to cut the noise, ASAP. And you know what? They did. Not only that, but she doesn’t do 4am vitals–she waits until 6am. That’s 6 wonderful, uninterrupted hours of fantastic sleep!! I told her she’s my new favorite nurse. Unfortunately, in between Braxton-Hicks waking me up and having to pee 2-4 times a night, I don’t really get the uninterrupted sleep. But, I can pee half asleep now, and the contractions usually happen around midnight, so it’s really pretty nice. I still miss the second trimester though.


One comment

  1. Darlene Piker · January 17, 2010

    Sure love reading your blog’s. Jen loves for me to read them to her. She said you really do need to write a book..! Glad you and lil Carson are still doing so good. Praying for you both and for Ryan too. Love you all! Aunt Darlene

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